Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Ahhhhhh Friday 13th. :D

gray... rain... snow... brrr...
Lovely April day.

~ blue blue and blue... (again)
~ ftls, jeans and a t...Haven't grabbed a sweater yet. :)
~ morning routine...
~ work on client gig...
~ off to doc's office ... advancing the plot - not waiting till April 24
~ try to see a guy about a horse
~ work work work
~ dinner? no plan yet... but it's gonna be easy peasy...
~ write about Survivor...
~ and find a way to ttttttttotally enjoy my friday night!!
~ more more more... on the "silver lining" hunt for ayoub
~ the nbbmom remembers... no throwing panties at Wayne!!!
~ very good luck at the "call" to ladymeg1
~ to smile at doowat (because ... it's sooo easy)
~ and that I could sneak up on the very preggers tonya and whisper "tick tick tick" in her ear... :D

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday note out to Sean... (seanyoda)... Mr. Wings-Like-Mad... fly boy. Enjoy your day and may all your travels bring you great reward.
Happy birthday out to my favorite Ivan... (ratonil). May pleasure find you ... may happiness live within you and may your future be painted in the brilliant tones of companionship.
Happy Birthday to Carisa... the unstoppably lovely icicle. Have a wonderful day lil'sugar and may you be treated with the greatest of care and appreciation by the ones you love and keep close. :)

Dear Canada:
We have deployed thousands of armed troops to the ass-hole of the world...
We don't have any right to act all surprised when they keep coming back in small boxes.
Send a soldier to war... and you get war.
The news keeps blabbing on as though having soldiers killed is this big shocker.
News items on how to make them more safe keep popping up... and it's stupid.
Want them safe? Bring them home. Build a bigger armored car... and the bad guys will just build a bigger bomb.
Face it.

Big Yellow School Buses should have seat restraints that make you think you're on a roller coaster.
It's too hard to manage and police seatbelts and besides... seat belts were designed for full-sized-bodies... not little six year olds.
But a restraint that "folds down" with the big ol'padded bar across their lap would flippen work... or something similar.
IT'S TIME TO CALL THE GOVERNMENT OUT on their endless commentary quoting outdated and RIDICULOUS data about seat restraints causing more harm than having out kids tossed about like rag dolls in a crashing school bus.
How many children have to be killed or worse before this crazy ass situation is addressed?

The Rant continues...
Because I totally knew she was full of crap. She may have her "oh I want to go home" motivation but she's dirty and they should have handed her over to Syed long ago. Personally I was totally hoping for Syed to have the line: "No, Jack... she's not under your protection. How many of us (including our Kids) do they have to kill or cause to be killed before you stop being a complete ass wipe and start recognizing your enemies when they come and LIVE with us?" Sawyer should have put a gun barrel under jacks chin and told him to stuff it. From all that has happened.... the Lord Of The Flies motivation on this island should have put a frigging bullet in Jack's ass and two or three in Juliette's head by now!!
Grrrr... I want dead burnt bodies on this show and I want 'em soon.
(gah... how horrible am I? hahaha...)


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