Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, April 9

Has coffee... is not dead... must be happy. :D

Is today a holiday? There's no school? My clients aren't emailing me... the office email is there... but it all looks like "autogenerated" email to me.
I'm off today.
No question and too much to do anyways. :)

~ pj pants
~ a white sleepy t
~ gooky stuff in the corners of my eyes...
~ oh... a shower... :)
~ more sanding, and round two of the mud. I wanted this to be done this "long weekend" thank you jesus... but alas... BUT I'm close.
~ write about AR...
~ groceries...
~ read up on the community association "constitution".
~ for today to pass with a minimum of ick for my little sugar-tea (teasdale).
~ and no nuclear holocausts... 'cause dee dee (dinkydo) doesn't have her phone... :)

Birthday moment...
A very happy slappy spanky birthday wish out to sugar-sparks... sparklegrrl!! A beautiful woman who's made me smile for many years... :) May you and your family... the pets and all... have an absolutely lovely day.

Six more canadian troops blown up in Afghanistan.
Such a waste.

If we all pull out of Afghanistan tomorrow... the Taliban will move back in and take over.
If we all pull out of Afghanistan in three years... the Taliban will move back in and take over.
Tomorrow... three years ... no diff.
Same deal in Iraq... tomorrow... civil war... three years... civil war...
Civil war in Iraq... Taliban in Afghanistan... Iran flexing and twisting... Syria, Saudi...
Civil wars have a way of spilling across boarders as refugees, and issues run amok.
So the whole region destabilizes... Insanity reigns... Oil Stops flowing.
The US Goes Mental (USGM) and tries to get stability at the tip of a sword... and presto...
We're all foobar.
Only way to avoid this... is to live there forever.
Clearly we need to make Afghanistan the eleventh canadian province and force them all to speak french... and eat poutine.
and make Iraq a US State... more than Puerto Rico and a little less than Hawaii.... and build a canal and a port and get carnival to stop there for a shore excursion.
Gah!!! it's such a mess.

Desperate Housewives... Yes, I know... I swore off that show because I just got sooooo sick of Teri Hatcher and her emaciated pathetic self. However... life has a habit of drawing me back into shows that wifey wants to watch. :) Hello Oprah.
Ok... so DH. Last night... in lieu of Marcia Cross being away having a baby somewhere... they gave us all three of the other Desperate Hoes in their bras. Eva... bra and panties as often as they can... hoping perhaps to have us overlook how shallow and superficial she is... Teri in a bra... because she's a skag hoe tramp and of course she'll be on TV in her bra... and then... just because Felicity doesn't like to be left out... they toss in a moment of her in a bra pulling on the orange shirt. Oh and Edie strips naked and cries... big surprise. While I am repulsed by Teri and only like Eva because she'd look good gasping for breath, I gotta say... Felicity Huffman plays the absolute worst woman-role on the show. She's despicable. Despicable!!

k... time for that shower. :)

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