Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 8

Holy crap man... it's frigg'en c-c-c-c-c-cold out there.
Dusting of snow... gray and breezy ... serious cold.

Yesterday was busy...
Finished the tape and mud zone in the basement play room (now I have to sand... mess mess mess)
Did a bunch of shopping... skate shoes for geo, gifties for nieces and nephews...
Over to SILs for dinner and cake (I made a cake... big surprise... :D) to celebrate a couple of family birthdays...
And we finally got around to watching LOST... (see below)

Ed had the camera for most of the night... :)
He caught a good shot of his bro...

~ jeans... trashed...
~ a t and a hoodie.
~ sanding... LOTS of sanding...
~ over to my folks house for an easter, birthday bonanza (like... four birthdays rolled up) :D
~ is AR on tonight? I think so...
~ to make quiet little thank you noises to "the powers that be" ... because things seem to be looking up for inspectorjury. Stay the path Dave... feel better... get oxygen... and come home. :)
~ that dawna feels loads better!
~ and that Sheridon doesn't ... expose mommy aka blonnie in public... then again... :D

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... happy birthday Addy... (redragon) and ... where ever you are... I hope you are healthy, happy and feel'en the love.
And today? Hey... happy birthday shannanigan!! May this year keep you and yours in the best of health and I hope you celebrate your day making great memories.


(**** Lots of swearing and angry fan-dom-monium be here... you are warned ***)
Ok so here's the thing... popular complaint is that the show is trying to tie too many strange threads together and has a twisted, mental plot that seems to not know itself where it's headed. Losing viewers... ratings down...
Right? so there we are... faithful fans hoping for a little payback for putting up with the shows SHITE for so long.
I understand ... I realize it's a show and they are having fun with it...
Fucking kill somebody already.
Those fricking punk ass bastards have out-and-out murdered several of the plane crashers...
It's been kidnapping, pathetic mind games... actual frigg'en torture and unexplained weirdness that includes much punishing for ... nadda.
And then there's the smokey weirdness... but screw that.
Focus ... focus on the "Others".
Kate should have torn her heart out and shoved it down her throat when they were handcuffed in the forest.
And at the very least... Syied (or however you spell the guys name) should have put the riffle butt into Jacks temple at least twice when they found his stupid ass.
I mean... after two years of being tortured...
I am just not buying that these dick heads just continue to wander along playing the "others" game.
a) they are TRUSTING JULIA???? omg ... what-the-fk-are-they-thinking? They had what's his name come back and ACTUALLY shoot ana maria and lybby... OH, and KATE should have demanded that Julia give her the code to activate / deactivate the sonic fence...
(Dude... Julia is dirty... this game is wwwwway from over and these suckers are just letting them continue... grrrr)
b) KATE should have kicked LOCKE in the testicles and hard when he came to say goodbye. That judgmental SOB has pretty big nadz to stand there and try and make like Kate was dirt... punk ass bitch... that's what he is.
Every time I click play on this show, I'm wishing ... hoping against hope that one of these bone heads will wake up and show actual human emotion and react to the fact that they have been tortured for all this time.

OH... and who the hell is Jacob?

Ok... LOST rant done.

.... time to get sanding. :D

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