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Wednesday, April 4

Ok, everybody say "brrrrrr!"

Cold, wet, sheets of rain and wind... Lovely day... to be indoors with a warm cup of coffee, a big sofa blanket and some wireless networking. :)

This song... headphones... sigh.

~ black, blue, gray and brown. (geezus. boy needs some colour)
~ flts, jeans, t and turtle...
~ up... morning routine...
~ quick groceries on the way home from dropping the boys...
~ work work work... kill the morning.
~ off to 'bucks to meet boss man and talk turkey about new gig...
~ home again... more work planned on a teleconference...
~ tonight? The last bit of drywall for the bulkheads and then it's all about tape, mud, and sanding...
~ that change is a good thing in the land of nbbmom
~ that a shit load of my friends "click it" and do Nerd-baby's survey...
~ and for the stars to twist things up a bit and give kimmellee a little relief and peace.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday lil'gypsie girl... (irishgypsie). If you can't celebrate in style... don't despair... that can be put off till some other time and meanwhile... I hope you celebrate with smiles and arms wrapped around you. :)

Photo Journalism and Skateboarding...
The art of capturing on film the last moment of control before out-of-control-and-heading-for-pain takes over.

Digital Music Survey time...
My very good friend nerdular... a "veeta'tastic" young lady if ever there was one...
is doing a project at uni... and it includes this survey. Takes a couple of minutes and it's all about you and how you deal with digital music.
Do us a favour... click it... and give it a go!!

[ :: The Survey is HERE! :: ]

did you say "brrr"??
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