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Monday, April 2

K... I wanna say brrrr... but as far as I can tell, it's colder in the house than it is outside in the gray, rainy gloom.
Shoulder and neck pain... not all gone but doing lots better.
Despite my ongoing refusal to actually be careful... healing happens.

I just got a call from a lady that I dashed through traffic to give my card to last week.
I watched another lady drive her SUV into her car... totally moronic move and when I got there to say "Me = Witness, here's my card." and dash away... the SUV lady was bellowing away at little asia like she was the queen of sheeba and in-the-right. BA! Turns out they didn't report it or anything... minimal damage, etc. But little asia wanted to say thanks for stepping up.
And like I said to her... I can't imagine living any other way.

Smile. Somebody loves you... and you be surprised how often that'd be me. :)

~ started with dark green trousers and a sweater...
~ but it's all about jeans and a warm sweat shirt
~ up early and do that morning kid thing... drive 'em to school and then boot to work downtown.
~ llllllllllllong meeting with bosses about "business strategies" etc...
~ burn that at 12 and home for 1 to get actual work done.
~ BIG CONTRACT is over. I'm done... and it was wicked cool.
~ now I'm doing all the stuff that doesn't get done when I'm on a gig...
~ and I'm literally waiting for the phone to ring to tell me if I won the Regina contract.
~ tonight... write about AR... basement... relax'en. :)
~ oh oh ... wait... at 7:30 is the FIRST OFFICIAL Community Ass meeting. (love that) I'm hoping it's a big community ass, with lots of neighbors wanting to lend a hand to the ass... You can get a lot done with a good community ass. (lol).
~ words of hope and love out to sin_da_rella... just 'cuz...
~ and a few quiet thoughts for ladymeg1... hoping for that peaceful easy vibe to wash away the gray colours... and paint life is total brilliance!!

Birthday moment...
Happy Birthday lil'eva... (evangelinaarion). I hope you are ... finding your way. Life is a great big bowl of fun, as long you pour the right stuff in... And you sure seem like just the sort to pour the right bits. Have a lovely day sugar.

Watching talk shows drives home one significant point... Celebrity guests don't watch talk shows.
Otherwise they'd clue into the idea that, when the deal is done, you sit your ass in that chair 'till the commercials start.
Get a clue. :)

Nelli Fertado (sp?) is coming to town this friday... and her back up band, warm up band, whatever... is Devine Brown.
Now, I could be way out of touch here, but what is the appeal to a crowd of Nelli fans having a hooker who's only claim to fame is getting caught blowing Hugh Grant in his car in Beverly Hills strut her/his skanky stuff on stage? Hmmm?

Tin Roof...

yeah, awright... yeah, so ... phone just rang. :) :D :D :D
I win. (apparently)
My new contract will want me to wing it to Regina, Sask for a couple of seperate weeks... details to follow
I love being good at something.
Childish... I know I know...
but still... Life is allowed to be thought of as fun sometimes.
dum di dum...

See ya.

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