Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, April 1

Yeah... so yesterday was all about working in the basement...
Geo went to a birthday party that translated into "Ghost Rider and Boston Pizza"... So Ed, Suz and I had our own pizza
Oh... and dig this...
At one point, while I was working away downstairs and Ed was playing in the family room... he shows up to say "The fireplace wont turn off."
Um... "Ok... what were you doing with the fireplace?"... "Nothing!".
I check it out and sure'nuf... turning it off does nadda.
So I shut it off and close the gas valve.
Then ... I'm like "Soooooo Ed. What were you doing?"
Hahahaha... I didn't get mad... he didn't do squat.
What he did do, was notice that it came on... to my very great good fortune.
Seems that I put a screw through the wire that runs from the fireplace to the switch... (ceiling in the basement)
Yea... "seems" is nothing.
I put THREE SCREWS through the wire in three places... gah!!! omg, I was beside myself.
I had to "deconstruct" a bulk head back to the frigg'en frame to solve that. Totally frustrated.

Today was amazing... well, the morning was.
Geo and I got up early and went to the boating club my parents and brother belong to ... (BYC).
They have a volunteer-run breakfast on Sunday mornings...
It was sunny this morning.
They set a flipping record for the number of people that showed up for breakfast!!
We slaved away like mad.
There were three kids (Geo, my nephew and a young girl) doing all the serving...
My bro, his main squeeze, moi and the young girl's dad were manning the kitchen.
I did order-sorting and putting it together...
Like... a new batch comes in and "K, I need 9 scrambled, 8 over easy and 5 sunny side up"
Then I'd get confused and serve everyone waffles.
er... Ok... no, we didn't have waffles. :D
It was great loads of fun.
We served 130 meals in 2 hours.

Home... to be a total spaz.
Spilled TWO FULL CUPS OF COFFEE... One totally over the shelf above the dvd's and cd's... omg!! we had to trash it and clear EVERYTHING... crap.

k... now it's now and I'm thinking... I should find the admiral and just chill the heck out. :)

~ black and blue!
~ to dip my thumbs in cement and leave 'em there...
~ er... ok, no... Up early and off the the byc to be "mad cookie breakfast chef to the huddled masses".
~ home... get stupid frustrated...
~ find my self now... chill'en.
~ tonight... no plan... hoping that "calm" sticks with me.
~ they'd just do away with April fools day. Too many people are twits about it. I love radio gags though. :D

Birthday moments...
A day late, but never-the-less, a very happy birthday out to queeniexb. :D I hope you had a great day sugar and that the year ahead keeps you safe, healthy and well loved.


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