Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


Music geeks...
Radio geeks...

I know you're out there...

What do you call the riff that often "introduces a song"... something that plays at one pace, perhaps with an unassuming instrument, but cuts over to the song you recognize - typically with a sudden drum beat - after the five, ten second ... "introduction"?
I'm trying to think of an example...
Think of the "sound of steps" and the car starting at the begining of brian ferry's "Love is the drug"... or the organ and high-hat leading in "Grand Durismo (Cardigans)... Live albums... oh oh ... remember the big ass organ grinding away a 1960's lounge tune at the kick off of "Some Girls" on the Stones live album...

Is there a name for that "musical device"??
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