Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, March 26

Yeah... so when meds wear off... the neck/shoulder/back thing... is just frigg'en horrible still.
Physio continues...

Today started with house shaking thunder... Actually it was quite something. :)
Pouring rain, big splashy puddles and an early start to everything.
sigh... It would have been such a good day to crawl back in bed and just snuggle till noon.

We had a nice night last... Parents home from their annual florida pilgrimage... and they arrive home to ALL OF US at their house with dinner in hand. :) Good talk'en and catching up. Home to play with boys, get'em to bed, watch a little AR, finish a cheese cake... and then pass out like a rock!

~ monday... and all businessy.
~ gray, gray, red, blue and blue
~ ftls, trousers, shirt, tie and blay-zzzzzer
~ all day sucker... er... all day in the downtown office. grrr.
~ folks house on the way home to get their router working again...
~ home to make a good dinner and write about AR as the night opens up.
~ if my shoulder is doing ok... cutting drywall when the night takes over.
~ I had a wicked, kick ass, TOTL macbookpro droool. oh, hi Azbum... :D
~ to send some "vertical" help to my sugar-tea... teasdale
~ and to clap a lot for nextproblem's world of achievement.

Menu Foods Inc. is extending their recall to all of their "wet" cat and dog foods... because of the contamination of some foods in one of their US canneries with a chemical that is found in RAT POISON AND CANCER TREATMENTS.
Yes, it's very sad that some cats and dogs died and got sick from this... but forget that for a second... and focus on the reality of Cancer Treatment... needing the same cocktail as RAT POISON.

Reading "Time lines of History" ... it's not a novel... it's more like a MASSIVE chart... starts 5000 BC and goes up to ... well, now (almost).
Man it's amazing. If you've ever wanted to really get a sense of just how mental we humans are... just take a close look at the 600 years surrounding the year 0. (so 300 BC to 300 AD).

HARD CORE snorting laughter at the "scene from next week" moment in AR last night... omg... the midget in armour. hahahahaha... omgomgomgomg!!!!
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