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Thursday, March 22

And then the rain came.

It's 11 degrees above zero... and the sound of snow running off towards winters horizon fills all the space in the great outdoors.

My back/neck/shoulder... is getting better. Time, anti-inflams and physio... something's helping.
At the risk of jinxing the universe, let me say how pleasantly pleased I am to have not been suffering endless headaches as this neck thing works out.
I was truly fearful, when this started, that I was in for another new floor in the hell hotel.

~ starts in jeans, trousers in the middle bits and ... expects to end in jeans again. :)
~ up, dress'em, feed'em, school'em and then head to physio.
~ home from phys... clean up and off to work downtown...
~ give a VHS tape (first one I've touched in AGES) of the DWTS premie to a friend...
~ get water-softener-salt, and a few quick groceries on the way home...
~ oh... and a cd into the machine of Canada Post... :D
~ dinner... make it... serve it and clean it up...
~ write about Survivor...
~ bulk heads!!!!!!!
~ bedtime rituals for the boys...
~ LOST from last night...
~ blessed sleep... :D :D :D
~ I was at starbucks getting a coffee... (in fact, as soon as I click "post entry"... I'm going!)

Birthday moment...
Was yesterday... today is actually ladymeg1's birthday. :) (and she's still tall and wonderful).

So here's the thing... radio dude doing the "sports" casually reports thats "so-and-so dressed for the game to deliver a little retribution to some-other-joker". I swear... Hockey has had the cumulative effect of turning everybody into raging hypocrites. It's freaking pathetic. PATHETIC.
One huge, freakshow of a human being clobbers another ... no problem.
One huge, freakshow of a human being clobbers a smaller one... Send in Retribution.
One huge, freakshow of a human being clobbers another but does breaking a rule... A HOCKEY RULE...
and now it's time to hear from sixty different arm-chair referees, experts, commissioners, and twits who talk about how "So-And-So" should be charged with assault or some crap.
I'm sorry... It's frigg'en HOCKEY.
It's not "Skate around shoving flowers in everybody's hair"
No matter how much people talk like they're unhappy that hockey has become so violent... nothing is going to change.
Most of those folks will tune-in, watch the commercials, buy the products...
A lot of them will drop HUNDREDS on hockey tickets and go to the games...
---- despite any protest they made about violence ----
They break a rule... in hockey, they should be punished... in hockey.
"OH NO, but what about ...this and that"...
It's Hockey... It's idiotic, run by idiots and it's NOT going to change.
Everybody knows that if they actually cared ... they would hand out actual "meaningful punishments" for horrible behavior.
A player violently hurts another player and does it breaking a rule... TELL HIM HE'S DONE WITH HOCKEY AND THAT HE NEEDS TO FIND A NEW JOB.
I'm guessing after a few of those... the message would hit home.
But do they do anything even remotely like that? no...
In fact... they suit the guy up just as soon as it's time to hand out retribution to the next guy.

~ tries to not implode.

Life is complicated and wonderful.
For every moment of fear and doubt...
... there are two more bursting with excitement and confidence.
The hard bits... are really hard.
But they serve a purpose.
I think without them... I wouldn't know how to truly appreciate the good times. :)

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