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Sunday, March 18

So like ... two weeks ago it was my neck on the right side... sore, stiff... lead to a migraine and la de da...
Now? It's been four days of stupid with the left side totally killing me. Ibu helps... a lot, but I can't live on fricking advil.
No headaches yet... (blessings!!) but dude... this has got to stop soon.
I need a professional massage... sigh.
Of course, I need two seconds in a row to relax too... oh, that would be fun.

It's blue sky, sneaky clouds, brilliant sunshine and a c-c-c-c-cold wind... blowing over fresh snow. It's been - hands down - the strangest freaking winter I can remember.

I'm having fun working on bulk heads on the basement ceiling... getting that done before I put the flooring it...
Sigh, this project is taking for-ever!!!!

~ gray blue and blue
~ ftls, jeans, and warmlongsleeve!
~ more "bulk head" building... kinda like woody-mechano games... :)
~ wake at 2:00... my BIL's mom passed on ... and there will be an extended family thing today... and a service tomorrow. :(
~ not sure what the evening holds... but I have to work on "office crap" some time. grrrrr!
~ my neck would stop hurting...

Birthday moments from this weekend...
Happy birthday out to phinnia... Have a great year... and may that pantry always find a way to be full. :)_
and a huge birthday squeal out to notcharming... I hope this year holds tight to the wonderful threads that are tying up your life.
Happy birthday tj642! I hope this year lets you keep on keep'en on... Smile yo!
And to dear Leah... I know I'm a day late... tough. :D Happy birthday fireflieslie. May the adventure you are on... be wrapped in good fortune. And try to lay off the sake! :)

Watched The Ballad of Ricky Bobby with the boys last night...
There was much laughter.
The kids are all about re-discovering the Ocarnina of Time and Mask of Majori...
the little tunes that play in those games... are burned forever into the back of my mind.
Oh, and Geo is doing better...
The asthma and bronchi crap kicks up nasty when he gets over a chest cold...
So it goes...

I do a lot... work, play, life...
Life is big.
It's all nothing, compared to the moments I get to spend
with one of my kids in my arms.
~ beams.

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