Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 16

another day... up and slave'en.
March is almost over and when it goes, I can kiss this contract good bye!!
Far far too much work for a lazy guy like me... :D

I was at it in the study for the morning and downtown all afternoon.
So I stopped for chinese food on the way home and now? My tummy hates me. :)

Ya'ever cut yer head... in the hair somewhere...
and when it scabs up... and you forget it's there but get an itch?
... and like... a bit of scab comes away... but it's around a hair (or two)...
so you sliiiiiiiide the scab bit up along the hair to get it outta there...
yeah... ick.
I BLOOOONKED my head getting into the car on the day we were leaving for our ski-trip.
Like... even on the pillow the next morning.
Very scabby...

ps. I'm listening to Geo and Z complain about the hackers on Maple Story... hahaha... land of the undead monkeys.

~ blue jeans... brown turtleneck...
~ to find a way to unwind tonight... to relax... :)
~ I need endless energy so I can tackle a project in the basement... perhaps tomorrow.
~ bosses think I'm gonna work all weekend. Bosses are wrong.
~ bosses read my journal... hi boss... :P
~ I could find the form for the appointment I have at the "imaging lab" on monday... must search again...
~ to send some lj love out to sirenity who's little bun is almost done baking... :)
~ and to thank cynnerth and her main squeeze... for sharing some simply amazing photos of the Na Pali coast... sigh...(and wow!!)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to a long absent Jenn... (mariposadyke)... may you be wrapped in happy where ever you are...
and a big HB to smalltowngirlie! I hope you enjoy your day... find friends to celebrate with ... and that you have a wonderful and ... fun loving year!! :)

Liberal Arts
Once again... I've offended people by talking trash about the way the education system has robbed us.
I know there are many and endlessly wonderful thing about going to Uni.
And that there are many and grand things worth learning that lead to Liberal Arts degrees.
But that's not my bitch...
My issue is with the social notion that everyone is supposed to go to university and get a degree.
Of course, not everybody can... but SOOOO MANY DO... and so many of them have either no business being there or have no idea why they're there. It's like the worlds most expensive day-care-service!!
And the notion that our tuition is only a small portion of what it costs to attend... and that Uni's depend on grants, philanthropy and government subsidies and tax breaks... yeah yeah yeah... BAH!
It (the Uni) wouldn't need all that money if they weren't trying to make space, service and solutions for the all the people going broke attending that shouldn't be there. And they (the Uni's) don't need such insanely huge infrastructures, except to handle the bazillion people.
My point is that the system has become crazy... feeding on itself, generating waste, chewing through funding (that could be used elsewhere) and sucking the bank accounts dry left right and centre.
Don't get stuck thinking I'm hacking on your degree or on you....please.
I'm just watching what's happening and wondering how it's ever going to stop.

My geo is starting to get better... but after any chest cold thing... his asthma is just crap.
He zooms along ... because he knows no different reality...
but it breaks my heart to hear his coughs and laboured breathing.
~ taps toes waiting for my little guy to get all the way better.


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