Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 15... sort of... :)

Ok... so that dorky picture was me... at 8:38 this morning... feeling all chipper, or pretending to feel all chipper. :)
And yes... it's tomorrow already. Tough... :) It's still thursday for me.

It's 1:30 and I've only just finished my day...
I went to the office downtown for another team thing...
then home and working in the study all night.
Er... I made dinner in there somewhere.

I'm frazzled.
Oh... and boss man has me toolin up the cv for a possible
gig requiring trips to the stunning hot bed of the social-experiment-gone-haywire...

When we left for our mini - and ultimately aborted - vacation... the front yard was all snow-forts and snow-men.
It's a green pasture now.
What a difference a few days can make.

~ was all businessy...
~ am now all ... slobby and relaxed.
~ long, tiring day...
~ bed time reading... bed... oh sweet sleep... :)
~ that I get through this contract without going mental...
~ that whatever component in my pc is chirping ever so delicately... would frigging die already!!!
~ to send a squeeze out to nbbmom... just 'cuz...
~ to congratulate murphy59 and his sugar on the birth of Natalie...
~ and for wingswithwar ... to find a field less likely to host a battle. :)

Just say'en... I give Mugabe [ :: dorkus erectus :: ] a big "less than three months to live" vote... and I'm betting the bullet comes from one of his close advisers.

There is a horrible horrible crime being committed against so many young people in our western societies...
It's a crime that began years ago and shows no sign of letting up.
It rips the bank accounts apart and plasters unmanageable and unnecessary debt across it's victims shoulders.
The criminal?
A pompous fiend, bent on self preservation and fully submerged in it's own hypocrisy.
The Liberal Arts Degree...
Never have so many been hurt so badly but one so cunning.

Skyrocketing tuitions?
And for what?
So you can join the ranks of those "working outside the scope of their degree"?
For this you blow everything... or maybe your parents do... ?
Oh and then the segment of society that goes into punishing debt...
For what?
It's not like there's a job that actually needs whatever the hell you learned in your three year program.
Oh... stop.
So... so a few land right on the money. Go them.
Few and far between and half of them were jobs tagged to become dependent on some otherwise worthless degree.

Ok... certainly there are great and valuable courses.
Mental capacity expanding without mercy. Cool.
5% of your grand parents got degrees, 25% of yours and 40% of you...
And most of them don't actually care... don't actually work hard...
Meanwhile... the actual reason your paying all this money (or assuming all this debt) is...
Social stigma?
Prove yourself?
Dude... it's a liberal arts degree.
Been there...
Done that.

Without question... the training and experience I gained at community college (Algonquin bus. admin.) dramatically out performs the Poli Sci degree from Uni. And one cost a fraction of the other... 20 years ago.
Today it's totally stupid. From a money stand point.
Close to $200,000 for a marginal four year program...omfg!

And look at the Masters and (omg) Doctorate years for Liberal Arts subjects!!
a) Oh look at you... still in Uni when your thirty and ... pretty much unemployable beyond entry level...
b) there can only be so many "profs"... and again... that's just "University feeding on itself".

The amount of money that is poured into universities by people who can ill afford it, let alone those who can...
is criminal.

And next year... a whole new "Grade" of kids will pour into Universities expecting miracles, contributing marginally, and paying a fortune for the chance.
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