Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

two things...

~ Edward has a near-encyclopedic knowledge of the star wars movies... it's almost scary. Almost, but not quite... it's fun to play stump-the-champ with random questions. "What colour was the goth dressed jedi knight's - clone war, collusium battle - light-saber?

~ My canon powershot sd200 shoots video in AVI format. I use this for all those youtube vids and the house vids... works great.
Question: what actual format is it? I can open the file in windows movie maker... but Adobe Premier refuses to read the file format!

I can open the file in WMM and save as a wmv and then Premiere reads it, but it looses a little in the translation. I want desperately to be able to open them in Premiere, but I fear it's a pay-for plug in for, like, MPEG2, or something.
I've tried "converters" ... like the divx converter... but that's not helping.

edit: Using [ :: Gspot :: ] to analyze the video... cool beans.

So... I'm using morgan multimedia jpeg2000 to get Adobe Premiere to read the avi's the pop out of my camera...
just thougth I'd share. :)

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