Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 9

Edit: er... somehow this ended up tagged private... thanks nola sugar. :)

Tick tick tick... it's what? 5:18? First spare moments of my day and I've still got more to do.
It's friday... ... it's madness I tell you ... madness. :)


It's a gray and chilly day, but apparently there's some mild weather coming.

Kids March Break starts now.

~ black, blue, and black... with a sweater. :)
~ taking it casual, but working like a madman...
~ downtown early, conference calls, team meeting, and then home in time to get the kids and work some more... gah!!!
~ close down the office computer and kiss it good bye till next thursday... (we leave on a ski trip on Sunday).
~ write about survivor...
~ have a nice dinner...
~ relax. :)
~ to send a hold that head high vibe over to thatthingido... because she's all that.
~ never ending wishes for my sugar-Tea...
~ that maybe dinkydo could ... wear an apron at work?

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday out to mr. joggingguy... and be frigg'en careful with that chainsaw! haha... have a great year my friend and I hope your world wraps you up in some good love. :)
And to Ward, (wbahner) a big happy birthday as well... may you always find your pants again. :) I hope you have a great day and are able to keep on playing and finding reasons to smile.

Saw a friends post ... she's commenting on how her hubb'en said that she looks like she's gaining weight.
Is this really possible?
Do men actually say this to their wives?
I mean, I can just hear wives everywhere saying "well, I'd want to be told and better from someone you're close to..."
At which point I burst out laughing and ... shudder a bit.

Dunno what you say but I can bet pretty big stakes that, unless you are over 35... you never said "nigger" in the eeny-meany-miney-moe thing... but when we were tots, that what you said. That changed to "Newffie" by middle school... (person from Newfoundland) ... which, by high school I realized made no sense at all. I do believe it became "tiger" at some point... but now? ... now it's Hobo for the tots.
When I do stuff with the kids at Geo and Ed's school and they say things that include intended-derision... they say "hobo". "You HOBO"... "don't be such a hobo" ... "bet you're sisters a hobo".
Which leads me to say... "hobo? WTFISHOBO?"... although I say that under my breath. Wouldn't want scare the little critters. :)

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