Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, March 4

Wow... nice weekend! Great weather... crazy weird ass neck thing. No really, got up yesterday, made a big splash of a breakfast with the other early risers and when I started in on cleaning up... zzzzzzzing. Something just came undone in my right shoulder and neck. I was the walking wounded for the rest of the day. Advil helped...
We went on a book-shelf hunt (for the kids bedrooms) and ended up in one of those many-thousands-of-dollars massage-you-till-you-cry comfy chairs on display at Sears. Holy crap man... set that bad boy on "full", adjust the location of where it thinks your shoulders are, snap on the calf-squeeze-a-snack part and then sit back and try not to have an orgasm.
No... really... oh my god.

Anyways... IKEA got in there... and I found that holding my right arm over my head kinda helped with the neck thing. Got the ikea shopper image in place? ar ar ar... We had dinner out at Mongolian Grill. (arm up) Quick groceries... then home. We have very patient children sometimes... :)

I got a 'somebody enjoy this already' gift from my BIL at my birthday... their old Kinex Roller Coaster [ :: stock picture from the interweebs :: ]. I've been working on it... my version is still several big chunks waiting for other big chunks. :)

And then finally... because the kids were a'bed, the day hadn't been busy enough, and because the advil was kicking in a bit.. I finished sanding the first coat of paint in the play room, and painted the second coat ... stem to stern. Four hours that wrapped at 3:00. sigh. :D

~ blue, blue and blue...
~ ftls, jeans, and T. :)
~ up early... boston legal with Geo, apple turnovers and coffee...
~ kitchen duty... big go at the messy back hall...
~ nurse a crick in my neck... getting better'ish
~ trim a door in the basement
~ work on my client project... because I need to magically insert several days between now and tomorrow. :?
~ hmmm what's for dinner? need to thaw something...
~ to send a handful of smiles out to whataboutjen... smile and wave... :)
~ and that kitiara never runs out of gloves...

Birthday moments...
From yesterday... happy birthday starlazdaze. May this next year be filled with the comfort of confidence and love. :)
And to sweet'n'super-mom kea... a very happy birthday Sugar-key. May good health hold your and your family close all year and I hope you enjoyed a celebration for your day. :)
Happy birthday cockermom... have a wonderful year and I hope the busy house doesn't drive you bonkers. :)

Friday night "snack management" often includes a quick review of my "company's coming" dessert squares recipe book. After I get over chuckling at the book name, I usually get inspired. I made these things that were kinda like the "oh henry squares" recipe. But I used oreo cookie crumbs instead of graham. Choco iced, cookie encased, choco fudge squares... Makes a great breakfast. :) So...
E: "whatcha making?"
C: "Choco fudge square things... special."
"why special?"
"Make'en 'em with powdered ape face."
"No really.
"K... that's gross."
G: "and wrong... aren't apes in-dangered?"
"endangered... yes, but ape-face hunters get licenses and they don't waste anything... they use the rest of the ape to fuel the camp heaters."
"It's just a spice... you hardly taste it."
"Look... don't want the squares, don't eat 'em... more for me."


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