Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, March 2

Phew... :)

Long day. Only just lifted my head for a breath.

The wind whipped up an icy layer on the universe for the morning drive... which translates into school bus cancellations... which means, besides Geo - recovering back-injury boy (who is doing well) - is joined by Edward. Z goes to work and I have a MMMMMAJOR deliverable due at 2:00... which turns into 2:30 and then finally into 3:15 and click... sent.

This kind of work... is one of those "you're only as good as your last contract" things...
so every one ends up dripping in your effort to remain relevant.

Any ways... big SNOW day. It's stopped for now... with three foot drifts over a new I-have-no-idea-how-much layer of fresh fat fluff city snow.
Tick tick tick... goes my anticipation of the snow dude I'm pay'en...

~ black ftls
~ beige p-z jeans, a t and an old sweater. :)
~ mad work maniac all day... breaking to make lunches for snow-day-kids
~ write about Survivor later? hope so...
~ grow a new brain after frying this one today...
~ to point you at ginger_g's journal to see [:: this :: ]. A homespun bit of cinematic russian history. Totally cool.

Birthday moment...
... almost missed wishing the leap year girl her nibs for another birthday sneaking past. A very happy birthday thatthingido... may you celebrate well and find yourself celebrated all year long.

For every minute you spend thinking about how things have changed since you were a kid...
There is an hour that a grade-school teacher could spend telling you how they've stayed he same.

It seems to me that retired school teachers would make excellent municipal leaders.


Just say'en. :D
Have a great friday.

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