Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, March 1

So... I've a few pictures... for later, but yesterday was an absolute blast. But first lets thing about the injuries...
Geo's grade six teacher is a girl that I went to high school with (small world department working overtime).
She's a snow boarder... and she blew her knee out within an hour of the first of three school ski days kicking off.
At lunch, I'm standing in the busy cafeteria eating with the kids and looking out the window.
I can see a little person... doing that "lets apart, arms outstretched" ski-straight-down-the-hill thing that a new skier does when they lose control.
His real problem? He went TOTALLY full tilt off one of the terrain park aerial jumps... the big honkers... OMG it was priceless. He frigging flew... ski's, poles and kid all flew away from the crash site in different directions. Broken wrist.
A young girl... grade five... in my care (I had four kids to take care of) fell on her last run of the day... big fall... ski's all over the place. When she stood up, ... something had ripped through her ski pants and into her leg. Gosh there was a lot of blood. I took good care of her until I handed her over to her dad back at the school.
And ... GEO... As I was getting on a chair lift... I watched him take a total dive, catching an edge with his snow board. This resulted in some serious back strain and he was at the docs this morning and having x-rays mid morning. He's missing today and tomorrow of the three day school ski days that he has been looking forward to all year. Very (very) sad. I'm hoping he feels good 'nuf to go on our family ski trip that we have booked for ... March 13!!! ahhhh!

It's another crazy beautiful day... Suz was supposed to be doing the "school ski trip" today (as I did yesterday) but she was a bit busy doing the doctor runs with Geo.
I'm at work... with a crappy headache.
I woke up with it last night... and it's been on me ever since.
Tylonal... motrim... sigh... still thumping.

Work is cccccccccrazy busy. It's just total madness... months of work to be done in days... ahhhh!

~ gray ftls
~ khaki cargos
~ green and white new birthday shirt... :)
~ up and sort out things with the boys and then get my ass to work.
~ call home to see what's going on with Geo
~ watch survivor tonight...
~ get some frigging rest. OMG I'm tired. :)
~ to send some warm hugs out to teasdale... you are in my heart and thoughts... every ... single... day!!!

Birthday moment...
A very happy birthday to allyn... a man out in the big world, a boy on a high wire, a friend with experience and patient insight. May your world forever be one filled with the joy of living life for the fun of it. Have a wonderful birthday.

Canada ... well, Canadian politicians... elected and sitting in the minority government... voted DOWN the three-year-renewal on the special anti-terrorism powers granted to the police three years ago. Thank you Canada. And thank the stars for a minority government.

k... gotta go take a motrim and rub my temple for a bit... :(

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