Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 27

There aint no fish like a big dead fish,
unless it's a fish on a hook.
In which case... it's all about potential.

My job is so very strange. I wish I could explain it... but it would bore the absolute crap out of you...
However... it is strange. bah... chalk that up to cryptic.

It's another maddeningly beautiful day outside.
They're saying something about snow... but for now... blue sky, sunshine, and mild winter temps!

From the Groovy Swag department:
Company logo emblazoned on this coolio little cube thing ... size of an instant noodle cup... except square.
Inside? FM radio... has an antenna, A FAN... blow blow blow and a clock face.
Cool part? It plugs into a usb port for power (except the clock that runs forever off little tiny batteries)

Special Note:
Pacing while engaged in telephone conversations... is a sign of sheer brilliance.
just say'en... (pace pace pace). :D

~ busy business best...
~ gray ftls
~ dark green trousers, white shirt, nice tie and z'blazzzzzzer.
~ stupid early blast off from the house... meeting downtown at 8:00, another at 11:00 and an all afternoon thing starting at 12. WEEEEEE.
~ see a man about a horse...
~ tonight? More sanding ... maybe some "second coat painting".
~ tv? well of course... I do have some Battlestar to soak up... :) (<-- still loving the BSG)
~ for nbbmom to sort out the vision thing!!
~ that pweople stwart spwelling bronwyn cowwectly soon. :)
~ I could get to play at lakme's bank!! :)
~ and for some sweet tushy relief to find it's way to jeremyb

Birthday Moment...
A very happy birthday to a long lost, forever treasured, sweet like little cupcakes... alma_perdida. Not sure where you are now... but I hope we find contact again. You are never ever very far from my thoughts. May the year be kind to you... may you find peace in your family and love in your heart.

Called to task on the inclusion of the child molesters in the religion post yesterday.
Not only is it entirely appropriate, it's painfully needed.
For far too long the painful and pathetic reality of the
churches malfeasance has been pushed aside in favour
of some ill conceived belief that the gentle souls that
deliver the collective "us" from evil need not be tortured
by such public scorn. A seemingly endless list of transgressions
makes the news, gathers the public hue and cry and is
then promptly shelved, where the church - in all it's god
given glory - promptly adds a layer of dust to hasten the
journey from front-page to long-forgotten. These criminals
are not tried and their victims are either doubted, questioned,
ignored or, sadly, blamed. These church should be ejecting
these criminals without second thought and seeking to ensure
they are properly and resoundingly punished. But does this
happen? No. The church covers up, hides, has been caught in
deceitfully lies and avoids their duplicity in these crimes and their
Using popular forums and random musings to slip in a nasty
dig to the church and the child molesters they protect is
absolutely appropriate.
Consider: Is it not reasonable to engage in public discussions
and debate about violence in hockey... even though there
are only a few serious cases of actionable violence perpetrated
by a small minority of players? yeah... I thought so.

... k... gotta jet.
See ya. :)

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