Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 22

C-c-cold and blowing snow in the offing. Oh boy. Fun drive home tonight.
Work from home on lovely sunny days... and go downtown on snowy, bad driving days...
dumb plan but then again, Mother Nature is prol'y plenty pissed at me for all the crack-hoe comments.

I have soooo many little pressing projects waiting for me to stop being a nut bar with work ... it's goofy.
Job jar stuff... but stuff I'm keen to get into...
I wish I was a kept man... just service the rich lady's occasional needs and send her all my bills.
Of course... that only happens in bad movies... :)

~ business best... and the blue stripee ftls, btw...
~ again with the Up Early and after dressing, feeding the kids, ironing a shirt and packing up my "office in a lap top case"... he's off like a prom dress. :) (I just love that expression... but that could just be repressed memories lol)
~ stupid busy day...
~ excellent TV tonight...
~ and suz and I agreed to start the painting tonight.
~ I had been watching Grays Anatomy... Apparently someone DIES tonight. I didn't even know George was married!!! Or that Gray was almost dead... but I'm months behind. We'll catch up eventually (Love the PVR)... Note: my money is on the fag hater... :D die burk baby die. :)
~ to send a little "I hope you legs stop shaking" vibe over to honuhoney...
~ for a young guy named Blake to feel a lot better...
~ and for cynnerth May the good mood to hang in there... even when the head ache goes away...

It's generalization time...
Boys don't ask ... they just imagine the worst.
Girls ... tend to ask even though they don't want to know.
Boys forget... because they didn't bother to ask and besides... it's old news.
Girls... never forget and there's no such thing as old news.

Look at a mans "blazer". See those buttons on the cuff? WTF!!! I want to rip them off and toss them below the wheels of a truck. Fricking things make soooooo much noise when you type, or especially when you write. Clearly nobody had anything close to a thinking cap on when this fashion choice was made. Stupid buttons.

I was re-watching the "Dogtown & The Z Boys" documentary with the director's second audio track ... kind of a "watch for 20 minutes before bed" thing over the last few nights. Sigh. I know a lot of people simply cannot relate... but man oh man that story ... brings me back... and makes me dream.
The worst thing about being older... is that you just can't fall like you did when you were a kid. :)

~ k... afternoon meeting's about to start... see ya. :D

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