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Wednesday, February 21

Stopping mid-carry-downstairs in the early'morn as the wake-up routine kicks into high gear.
It's like a dance on some mornings... It's like a school yard brawl on others, but I tend to put those out of my mind pretty quick.

Today is a mix of sunshine and cloud... in my body and without.
The weather is ... the weather.
But the day got going and so did a head ache. A director at work fed me some tylonal ... (I call that stuff cylonall), and it did the trick. Although I downed it with a big honking cup of 'bucks coffee... so who knows which part took care of the headache.

Now the day is almost over... and I still have a freaking basket full of crap to get through for work.
This is ... by far... the most work a contract has demanded in ages.
I suppose it's all good though.
My first big "deliverable" is all the rage, so I pat myself on the back and move on.

Dear Contract:
Please ease up enough for me to paint a room in the basement, ski on the weekend, and actually sleep at several points in time through out the week... mmmk?

~ green ftls, green trousers, a black t and a green dress shirt... well it had stripes and I don't think it clashed with the pants, but in hind sight... I suppose it would have been better to wear the gray trousers... except those are covered in road salt and crap from the immense dirty'ness that infects the mid-february world. So there you go... it's a green day.
~ up and after the food thing... and the drive'en to school thing... zoooooom to work.
~ go a little mental trying to get my hands around the throat of this next part of the project (want to choke it to death!)
~ home again ... busy busy busy...
~ tonight? Wants to see Lost... wants to paint... may end up working. :(
~ for the laundry gods to be a bit kinder to debby... and for her to remember... that it's just laundry. :)
~ to offer honuhoney the opportunity to take a number and leave a message... one of our helpful agents will be happy to call you back. click. :D
~ and to send a wee smile out to odyssey_road ... just 'cuz.

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday to txdevil!!! :D May you feel all kinds of better before the big day! :) have a wonderful year Sugar.

There is great unhappiness in the house of Ed. He (finally) had a hair cut.
It looks great... but ho-boy... he's none too pleased. Believe me... it looks fine.
9 is so much fun. :)
Of course, George is next and 11 is not much better when it comes to hair cuts.
sigh. :)

I was watching Studio 60...
Matt is reading some transcripts from "the past" for a court thing.
In there he reads descriptions of things people he knows but no longer sees said about his then girl friend when he wasn't around.
They weren't insulting per se, but they were unkind.
She was irrelevant... the people were using her as the object of some tasteless conversations.
Matt was incensed with anger towards them.
There's a whole bunch of "context" to put this in... but forget all that.
What stuck in my mind was how he went from happy to angry... how he went from one memory of some past acquaintances to a brand new perspective on those people.
How... ?
By reading a record of things they said three years ago.
I think of that as a sad thing. Wasteful.
Happiness ... personal strength and posture... is a personal treasure.
When someone takes that away from you... it's a terrible thing.
Who is to blame in the Matt example?
The people who said smack about his date three years ago?
Or the person who showed him the transcript?
In the context of the story... this all plays out with significant other factors.
But in the context of how I've presented it here...
I'm all about blaming the messenger.
The real question is...
Is Matt better off now?
I don't easily reconcile my feelings on this issue.
I'm all about the "on the one hand..." and then "... on the other."
Every situation is unique and should be judged on it's own merits.
and I don't think ignorance is bliss... but there has to be some value judgment involved in the casting aside of happiness.
You only get the one life.
How you live it ... is your affair.
But there are no second chances.

~ k, time to go.

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