Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, February 20

It's a dreary day. Cold as all get out and no sun to be seen. The sky and the ground blend together is a wall of white on every horizon. Brrrr!

My da got a new laptop... another Dell. A nicer one... and it's all vista'ed. It's a honking powerful laptop yet the 'click wait' seems long.
Ah well... we'll all be on vista at some point or another... unless it's a total bust like ME and becomes part of some other corrected version of itself.

~ blue ftls, jeans, t and my warmest, comfortablest... sweater. (it's c-c-c-cold today, and I'm all about the "don't turn up the thermostat... put on a sweater!" thing)
~ full day locked away in the home office tippidy-tapping away on the laptop and stressing about so-much-to-do-and-so-little-time!!
~ tonight? find time to relax. Maybe watch a show... maybe go get paint for basement. We picked a colour for the play room...
~ oh, and try to put a few words out on AR... I know I know... two days old... sigh. :)
~ that kristiseriously doesn't fall over dead of evil bird taint!! :)
~ and for nbbmom to find her PB fix!!

Birthday moments...
A quiet little birthday wish to a long lost Deb... Happy birthday nordicgrrl.

No, of course they don't issue a hand gun license to a crazy person.
Well... at least not a crazy person that is "showing".
And besides... most crazy people were ... at some point in time... NOT crazy.
And they didn't have a big facial tattoo that read "Will go crazy ... later!"
That is why crazy people have gun permits.

And what do crazy people do with their guns when they lose it?
Mostly, it's domestic violence.
I suppose a crazy person may take their gun and go out into the big world looking for trouble.
But I think it's more likely that the crazy vibe takes over at home, gets the gun at home and uses it at home.

So yeah... I know you're completely sane.
I realize you have it totally together and you're well trained.
You earned your concealed carry license just like the person that was pushed over the emotional edge and became a page three story.

But that wont happen to you.

Got a call from the school... Ed's complaining of a sore tummy ... "it comes in wwwwwaves". sigh.
Suz has gone to get 'em... it's almost the end of the school day anyways so whatever...
We'll see how he is. My sense is that he is going straight to bed to "rest his sore tummy" when he gets home... :)
~ and I anticipate a little push back from captain recovery.
Of course, now that I've said that... he'll have some horrid flu or something (crosses fingers that this is not the case!!).

I got a new set of binoc's a couple of years ago at christmas. I broke'em last summer. Just dropped them ... and bonk, the optics are out of alignment and repair costs more than they were worth. Sooooooo.... Suzy got me a new set of nice nikon binocs for my b-day. They are on the bedroom window sill. The view out our window in winter (no leaves) is phenomenal... :D
ps. if you own binocs and you use them ... once a year... haul them out on a clear, moon lit night ... and use them to take a good look at the moon. A crescent or half moon is best (the line between light and dark will show up lots of "relief" from the surface features. Binocs plus moon = very neat.

~ sigh. so little time. :( I wish I could take a day off and just cruise around lj.
So many stories... so many remarkable people.
People moving across the country, having babies, getting married, going to war, coming home from war, getting glam photo-shot like suuuuper models in NY, running studios, radio stations, or the hardest job ever... running a household full of kids. So many stories, so many wonderful people.
I remain completely amazed at how cool it is it be able to share life with so many friends. :)

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