Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 16

Once a year the organization that Z works for (social services resource centre for our community) holds a big fund-raiser charity ball. It's called Champaign on Ice, because it's held at the Corel Centre (home of the Ottawa Senators NHL). We have a big ass fancy spancy dinner with a silent auction and various "activities" all the while being served by a slew of VIP "celebrity servers". I have every intention of cornering my fav local radio drive time divas for pictures... because I am a very cliche fan-boy. Then after dinner they serve champaign and everyone slaps on skates to skate in their tux's and suits and ball gowns... it's quite something. :)

So that's tonight. There will be pictures. :)

~ old black ftls that ... I suppose I ought to toss out after this go around. :)
~ business wear and holy crap-o-matic... I just noticed how pathetically dirty (from winter salt and crap) the back of my pant cuffs are!!! EGAD!
~ turtles around my neck. :)
~ Z'blazer
~ OMG it's a busy day. Up super early and downtown for an early meeting "slash" conference call... then zoom to Ministry of Health to get my "thank-the-stars-I-am-canadian" health card, more meetings... then home to get set for next week. (next week I start a new contract that will be ... sadly... even a bigger freak out than this last one.)
~ TONIGHT? We drop the kids and frozen pizza off with my SIL and her neices... then in our very fancy'est outfits... we go to the Champaign On Ice Ball. See above.
~ that tonight goes well... (crosses fingers)

Birthday moments...
None actually for today or tomorrow... but I'm taking a moment to wish extra special birthday wishes for groovysegue and pertinentwires. They share the best-day-of-the-year for a birthday and ... in case I am interviewing Charleze Theron tonight and get swept away for a weekend of debauchery... well, I don't want to miss their birthdays... So may you both celebrate in style... be held close by the loves of your life and enjoy a year of wonderful adventures. :) Happy birthday Amy and Sara. :)

There is a deli at the corner of Slater and Bank in downtown Ottawa ... The German Deli. They have been there FOREVER. They have delicious, simple, and inexpensive lunch sammiches and soups and very groovy little german kitch stuff. I'm mentioning them because I bought a couple of keisers at lunch today... 1.49 and 1.69... exactly the same prices they were ... 20 years ago!! Some things are wonderful because they manage to hold onto themselves.

PoP song on the radio... Beyonce singing Irreplaceable.
Just say'en...
Word'em up nigga... I am irreplaceable and ... that's final.

~ me ... gone to the next meet'en. :D
See ya.

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