Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, February 15

Who me? Daydream.... Nawwww... never happens.
Although... if I was going to daydream...
I'm thinking ... "be a reporter interviewing Charleze" would be good...

Fracking cold yo!
Wind is whipping up drifts, shaken trees and making herd-of-angry-cattle noises. :)

We tried to watch Lost last night... I was settled in on the sofa and waiting for z who had to extricate herself from between sleeping boys.
That's pretty much the last thing I remember. Till 4 when I went up and sardined in to the crowd. Someday these guys are going to grow up and want nothing to do with sleeping in our bed. I'm guessing I'll miss it then. :)

Geo came home with a heart shaped choco cake. One of his raffle tickets paid off.
So... we have the small choco cake I made when I made the cake for the school... with that butter-caramel icing... the heart shaped choco cake with choco icing... a big box of "pop 'em in the oven" apple turnovers (Me = victim of the cost-co little paper-cuppy-thing sample zone) and... well it was just Valentines... so there's a box of choco covered cherries (my fav) and a big ass toblerone bar...
Now, I know there's some fruits and vegetables in the fridge somewhere, but just so I'm being purrrrfectly honest...
I had a piece of chocolate cake for lunch. It was good.

~ jeans and a big warm sweater!!
~ resume rewrite in the morning ... some admin requirements at work...
~ afternoon getting settled on a new contract...
~ waiting for client review of draft reports.
~ SURVIVOR TONIGHT... and maybe even taped LOST from last night...
~ to wave a little more at kea. :)
~ for some v-day gluttony to get glossgirl next year... (it's all in the "hint"!!)
~ and congrats to txdevil... or at least... I hope it's "congrats!". :D

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday sandstar. May you find all the youtubish fun you can handle. :D Have a wonderful year Sandi-grl and I hope you get to celebrate today with some great company.

Headline from today's NYT Headline: "Bush Declares Iran’s Arms Role in Iraq Is Certain"
See, and the cool thing is, you pronounce that "Day-ja-vu".

SERIOUSLY: Charleze Theron is reported to have said "I want to make out with you right now..." to a reporter during a live interview. Good chance she was forcing the reporter off his guard as he made some dig about some other quote of her dissing the US... however I don't care about that part. All I care about is that she actually said this to the guy. How on earth could his next words have been anything besides "Cut!"

Little lj notice pops up... extra user pics expire in 5 days.
hmmm... 3 days till ma birthday... :D

... k... gotta jet.
doody calls.
er... yeah, that. And after that I gotta work too!

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