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I will go to bed after watching the X-Files tape. I will go to bed after watching the X-Files tape. I will go to bed after watching the X-Files tape. I will go to bed after watching the X-Files tape. I will go to bed after watching the X-Files tape.


well... today was good... not amazingly stellar due to a bit of a headache... 'tis the season for allegra, reactine, and advil as allergies threaten for a solid two months... but I'm listening to good music, looking forward to X-Files, a little spliferification taking affect and goof'en in the zone*

went to my nieces b-day with the boiz... Z's got a bit of a cold (sore throat) so bailed on the b-day thingi... the mini relatives missed her. One of her (Zoe - the niece) fav prezzi's was a "first edition" of the Mary Kate and Ashley Magazine. After Cdn$ conversion, a one year script for this mag (12 editions) would cost over 80$. She's eleven today... I was wrong in an earlier post guessing her age... Her little bro (Jake) is 8 and is George's hero (next to me of course :D). Needless to say, the boiz had a blast.

Note: Sis-In-Law baked a white cake and decorative icing deal. Nothing remarkable - A mix cake. Now the point here is that we - and I mean that as like the really big "we", everybody - shoots chocolate birthday cakes at the kids for like birthdays 1, 2, 3, etc... till they've developed enough tastes to ask for a special type of cake... and for the last five years we've seen the kids totally LOVE getting a chocolate cake for their birthday yet they really only ever scooped off the icing and picked at the rest. Well all the kids tonight chowed down on the whole piece of cake... I was amazed to see George eat an actual piece of cake.

* "in the zone" sorta ref's the whole Lj, website work, cam, thing...

So later Lj... I'm starting to build up a head of steam to fire up this week with ... I am planning to have a seriously great week. Got some good things going down at work... the weather is looking good and I got a whole drawer full of clean socks. haha.

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