Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

~ Ed got another "spy" toy at his birthday... a "spy tracker". You put a small thing somewhere and turn it's little on/off switch on... then the "tracker" hand-held thing does the beep beep beep be-be-be-beeeeeep as you get closer. So you can basically "find" the thing where ever anyone hides it. fun. Yeah, well never mind that... The tracker hand-held thing ... tracks Geo's computer monitor. Not Ed's monitor or either of our flat panels... but if his monitor is on... the beep beep thing immediately starts tracking it.

~ My computer, on my desk at home... generates this very distinctive noise in the speakers when my cell phone is going to ring. ... BEFORE it rings. Kinda torchwood.

~ Torchwood... speaking of... I'm almost done the season... with only the final "double" season ender to watch. I have to say, besides liking the show... I don't like Gwens mate. He's a bit of a dick. Tries to be nice 'nuf but... dude... I mean ... she was a constable before torchwood... her career was always going to be invasive and off putting. Now? He's just a big whiney thing. Bah. Oh and man... Owen... has a look. Dunno what it is... but he has this fake face look thing to me. Like his mouth was added after the fact or something. Tis odd.

~ My pvr is taping survivor... ... double and tripple checked. :)
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