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BB Update

Well after a couple of months, the camera men (women?) are loosening up - or is their behavior better described as 'slacking off'. At first the HGs were acting like improve actors with chips on their collective shoulders. Then, as they began to loosen up they were made ultra aware of the cameras' because BB has the noisiest cameras in the free world. (that was noisy, not nosy! - although...). Then, for a little while there, things became candid - mostly because the lighter weight psychologies in residence at the CBS back-lot were absolutely freaking out. When your busy loos'en it, you're less likely to bother with details like 'the entire planet is watching'. (yea I know, wouldn't CBS love it if that were so - but they're on the internet for goodness sakes.*)

Anyways, of late, the camera dudes have been, of all things, making NOISE behind the walls; laughter, bumping into things, talking. And, of course, the usual zooming in on intimate conversations. Paula Plastic, the seriously self-conscious HG, has been paying far too much attention to the people behind the glass. Every time she does her guppy imitation - you know, staring blankly at the glass - she blows it by narrowing her already slit-like eyes in an obvious gesture of 'peering' at someone or something... the moment she does, BB comes on the horn telling her to "Stop trying to see through the mirrors!" Perhaps because they're running out of original things to talk about, they have spent an inordinate amount of time talking about the BB personalities - in the Redrum, over the PA and behind the glass.

Cass (the only HG I haven't felt compelled to give a 'dis' name to) is showing a little strategic 'colour' lately. CBS gave us a small taste when they included her positive response to Elmer Fudd (the 'bawking' transvestite - not that there's anything wrong with that - when he asked her if she thought toga was a good idea. She was also rather supportive of the whole make-up drag deal we got to see him in. He kept asking her if she thought (i.e.) the lip gloss was a good idea, and she'd say 'yes' every time... even told him he 'looked cool'. She's not only giving him enuf rope to hang himself, she's leaving books on 'quality noosemanship' layin about.

Here's a sample from the live feed transcripts:
jam: how about a little blue
geo: yeah, to bring out my highlights?
(jam applies blue eye shadow)
geo: should i be doing this?
cass: you should george
cass: oh, that looks lovely
jam: open real quick (his eyes), chicken man
curt comes back and says: oh my goodness
geo: whaddya think cassandra?
cass: it looks great george

I'm going to reverse my own strategy for a moment here and try to say something nice about the remaining HGs:
Jamie (Miss Washmetonnes) can do 'lip gloss' better than anyone I've ever seen or met. She described her process during the re-make of the green haired transvestite: "rub powder across lips with finger, then press lips together, then apply lipstick, rub lips again (don't like em as you rub em), more lipstick, apply glossy color with lip brush, rub lips together (just a little bit!)"
Cassandra: she has a great capacity (especially in consideration of where she is) too look cool and beautiful. Note I was tempted to say something about her integrity, but I'm starting to think they all may surprise us with their plotting.
Curtis: Like me, he can sleep at any time, in any position (I see this as a good thing).
Josh: three words: unparalleled self-control.
Eddie: is establishing a really fantastic benchmark for the public perception of persons with physical disabilities. He's also the only person that is consistently honest (or appears to be) in the Redrum.
George: umm... he is consistent in his duplicity.

And on that note... ttfn.

* i actually said "for goodness sake"... gawd

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