Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, February 4

Hola. :)

It's a beeeeautiful sunday. Loads of sunshine, fluffy clouds and brilliant blue sky sneaking around on edges of everything.
I crashed last night... as in ... just passed out dead away when I went to snuggle one of the boys at their (late) bedtime. So I achieved nothing on the personal agenda of "gotta get going on..." But I don't care. I had a great sleep. Even if I had most of it in a big ol'pair of khaki cargo pants.

Yesterday was all about skiing. It was c-c-c-cold on the chair lifts and fun on the hill...
Geo is really starting to get the hang of his snow board... he had a few of those big excitement "runs" that made him feel the "fun vibe" instead of the "sore ass / sore knees / sore wrists vibe" that seem to go along with the snow board learning curve.

We skied all day and did house work and an easy-peasy dinner as light turned to dark.

I've been cleaning the basement... washing the floor to clear away drywall-mud dust and caked on bits of mud... and getting psyched up for adding colour to the walls. The big room ... and the TV room... I want Bright and Deep in that order. That said... we are having a heck of a time deciding on a Bright colour for the big play room.

~ right now? pj pants and a hoodie. But I'm having a shower in a minute... so I'm thinking jeans and a sweater for the day.
~ shoveling snow into a toboggan run in the back yard for the boys... ???
~ working on my client report... (big show tomorrow... and I'm trying desperately to be ready)
~ BLAND dinner tonight... Geo has his Breath Hydrogen test tomorrow morning, so he has a very strict diet to follow today.
~ find the time to watch another epi of Torchwood.
~ There were more Dr. Who episodes to watch. :D Edward, Geo and I finished both seasons of Dr. Who last night. It was - it has honestly been - a grand adventure. So much action yet, so little "overt" expressions of gross or violence, etc. Millions of questions from Geo and Edward... mostly from Mr. Inquisitive (Ed) on the whys and hows of the show... we spent countless hours pouring over stuff about space... about history... It was, indeed, a grand adventure. (Thank you BBC).
~ to say to whataboutjen... "jenny's got some nice hair yo!" (haha... :D)
~ for mzkret ... well... several wishes... (squeeeeze)
~ that my little T (teasdale) finds a replacement shovel!!! (not fair!)
~ to congratulate barefoot_dyke on being little miss smartypants... (go you!)
~ and for harleydog... to feel loads better... right quick.

Birthday moments...
From yesterday...
Happy birthday to my very own Mr. Bill. (aristophren). May your fingers forever reflect your willingness to be expressive... may your knees reward you with stability... and may your ass forever be pinchable. :) (and I could be wrong here... it was your b-day yesterday... right?)

I was listening to a news report about people being questioned on the witness stand about shit that happened years ago. They were being grilled on their memories or lack of memories... and I got to thinking about my LJ. I have a full on record for pretty much every day (save saturdays, but I get some of that in on sunday, right?) for the past seven years... "Yes, your honour, I was wearing my blue underpants on the day of the murder, and no I wasn't there... I was...(etc.)" ar ar ar...

Reservations over the net for fancy pants hotel at Mont Tremblant for a three night stay...
versus the same hotel, same stay, but much arguing on the phone...
results in a total cost of ... several hundred dollars less.
It's worth it to argue.

My parents come home tomorrow.
They've been away on the Queen Mary II sailing from Miami... to San Fran... going around the bottom of South America.
I bet they had fun. :)

K... see ya.

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