Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Friday, February 2

Friday? Groundhog day?
Gah... that movie is on my list of 5 ... The Five Best Evvah!
I can actually remember the first time I watched it... in rapt awe at the story... and now? I've seen it soo may times, it's almost embarrassing.
Not on the level of the movie "10" but ... then again, nothing is.
"10"... the version with nakedness in it... was the "Free" Betamax tape movie they included with the first VCR my dad ever brought home. Big honking buttons that were actual "levers" that move components - like any 1980's tape player. I was what? Maybe 11 or 12? Must have been 12... but I watched that movie... like 80 freaking times.
If you put the movie on, turn down the sound, I can do ALL THE DIALOGUE hahaha... :D
"When Mrs. Kissel breaks wind... we beat the dawg..."

It's a snowy and overcast Groundhog day... The rodent did not see his shadow... so spring is supposed to pop out of a hat. A pox on spring!!! I want to ski.

~ gray trousers...
~ blue turtleneck
~ dk gray... er... charcoal sweater.
~ busy day... off to work extra early...
~ teleconference... meeting... home again in mid afternoon... and
~ A LOT MORE ZOOM... to get a draft done for the clients before the EOD!! ack! shootmequick!
~ for some little miracles to wash up to yumikid's feet... :)
~ that nbbmom was doing a weekly radio hollywood rant... she's good at that...
~ to see more pics of little miss DeeDee!!!!! (dinkydo)

Birthday moment
~ happy birthday wittleangle... I hope all is well... and that it stays that way!

May I just say... when I posted that YouTube link to the Bridezilla video... I had no idea it was fake... and I didn't care.
Things like that... are entertaining in and of themselves.
Fake? Never occurred to me to wonder.
Now? I'm laughing my ass off as I see it THE NATIONAL NEWS being reference for the 3 million page views it's generated and stories about the girls who made it... SPONSORED by a hair care product (I think "Silk" or something like that).
I even saw someone BITCHING about being "duped"...
To whom I vigorously say "Oh please... go jump off a cliff".
"Duped?" It was entertainment... real or fake... and, personally, I'm even more impressed to find out that it is fake.
It was "acting" sure... but more than that... it was "staged"... even the camera type was "selected" to be the best for the job.
I love everything about stuff like this... and I love what youtube like video sharing is doing for the concept of entertainment.

K... I'm done. :D

See ya later.

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