Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Survivor XIV Update!!

Survivor XIV: Fiji


Where in... I give you a set of pictures ganked from the CBS Web site, and then I mix up lies, damn lies, and a bit of truth, blabbing about this seasons line up of people who will LOSE! I'm wrong about one of them... but I'm right about the other eighteen!!!
Now... let's see who we've got to work with this time around...

Oh and [ :: check out 'survivor maps' with the inside scoop on the setting :: ]

Alex the pugilist! Has no concept... things "street fighter" is a new video game, recently had all his teeth removed and replaced with chicklettes.
Tony the homie. Compton boy that suppresses his mad love for the fetish ball with a gamer-culture thang. Totally a stoner.
BOO! ... dude... your name is Boo? Cereal? Fruity Pebbles, Drink? Strawberry daiquiri... you seeing a pattern?
Cassandra of the giant mouth!... says she's a Vice Pres ... but that's what a lot of crack dealers say...
Dre... perhaps... a doctor? Actually, he's JJ... and everything is Dy-No-Mite!
Earl is basically Sydney Portier but with facial hair...
Edgardo... got confused when the asked him to spell his name, and ... he left it that way. Oh, and he's "country club" boy...
Erica... holy Julie Barnes commander... has anyone seen Linc?
Gary... totally blue collar, athletic, fun loving criminal... and somehow this perfect contestant will piss somebody off and get fried early.
James... his bio reads basically like he's a male prostitute turning gay tricks and thinking of getting his penis pierced.

Jessica... gorgeous, young, educated, artistic, ambitious... single... sigh. Just stamp a big ol'L on her forehead and be done with it.
Liliana a loan officer. Is gonna have a chip on her shoulder... er... a whole bag of chips.
Lisa who's fav board game is "candyland"... is therefore, most likely a serial killer.
Michelle is all about the bubble... bubbles bubbles bubbles... and likely a caffeine addict.
Mookie Mookie? Mookie... go meet Boo. Runs an internet loan company and his most important homie is god. mmk. Dude your name is Mookie. Whatever.
Rita ... another with the giant freaking mouth. Magna cum laude... in Literature... so she can't actually do anything.
Stacy hot asian chick that thinks she can "adapt" to anything... dum di dum... don't choke on that...
Sylvia old asian chick... appears to know her way around a liter bottle of wine.
Yau-Man the 300 year old genius who is a ping pong master... It's like he was born for this game.

Two Things...
~ the haves and the have-nots eh... yeah, until you start giving the have-nots cell phones, candy bars and stuff... Dude... make 'em suffer!
~ picking a winner... Tony. :)

I'mma gonna try to write updates for this season. We'll see how that goes... or if anybody reads 'em.

Show Premieres Thursday... Februray 8!! 8:00 PM!

Ps. Survivor Junkies (the community) is gone... let me know if there's an active community for this season.
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