Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 28

ah yes... of course... the years most perfect skiing day so far... and I'm sick as a dog.
Last night blew rabbits... sofa sleeping so I wouldn't drive everyone nuts with nose blowing...
Power outage at some point... and I still am miles away from having a back up generator.
That project will have to wait - I suspect - until the spring.

Now? it's just beautiful outside. Cold... but beautiful.

~ old crappy jeans...
~ nice warm shirt...
~ to pretend I'm not as sick as I am...
~ finish fixing up my nephews computer (or ... "mostly finish") I'm s'posed to be teaching him... to fish, as it were.
~ watch some dr who with the boys...
~ watch An Inconvenient Truth with z...
~ get some rest...
~ oh god... wishing I felt a whole lot better.
~ my nose didn't hurt so fricking much...

Imagine what sort of world it would be... if Gore had won Florida, oh so many years ago.

We make choices.
Some of them suck.
So you move on.
Doing better is a good plan.
But the moving on part is ...
... the most important bit.
One life to live, and one life to waste.
Moving on is the big part of living.
Despair is nothing but waste.

... wheeze.

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