Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, January 23

Ok... day of the dead here...
I have to find a way to not get all excited about whatever it is I want to do... at midnight.
I need to get excited about going the heck to bed.
I'm going to be 45 in ... under a month... and I really need to think about pushing my bed time up a little.

and for those of you that simply can't make up your mind own what to get me...
a 13 inch mac book and a "small" LCD Panel television (like 15 - 17 inches) would be nice too.

It's cloudy and not too cold today... with snow trickling down like a tease from the ski hill.

Oh, and speaking of ski... George is going on an overnight ski trip with his friend (and his friends dad) to a chalet up at Calabogie on Thursday night. He'll be renting skis and boots because his Snowboarding ... is not there yet. I'm excited for him. He's going to have a smashing great time.
I doooo believe I'll need to make a trip up to Calabogie too... perhaps next week? hmmmm.

Oh oh... and we watched DrWho Christmas invasion and the new Heroes last night. Fun. I still get pissed at the way Heroes acts like they want to hold back "fun stuff" because they know they only have a small serving of it and they want to stretch it out longer. But Hiro... when he was all "You FLY GUY --- Woooosh" and Patrelli was "Keep it down" so Hiro does "You fly guy wooosh" with his hand gesture lower... hahaha. I love that guy.
Oh and on the subject of Heroes... They need to develop one of the girl characters up to the level of show hottie. It's not cool to leave the only attractive girl in the guise of a junior high school cheerleader... outstanding as she is... :D

~ warm stuff and none of it for clients.
~ work work work... as long as I can stay awake. :)
~ I'm already feeling like I'm gonna hit a homer on this project. (good feeling, considering all the stress the rest of the teams are going through.
~ gonna go eat some thai food with z for lunch... :D
~ tonight? Maybe get to that painting we didn't start last night.
~ for whatilove to ... you know, get a little dreamless sleep.
~ to send a smile to twilightsm ... just because... :)
~ that yupjustme remembers how much I adore her...
~ and... endless wishes for indianasweetie... endless.

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday little miss gif... gifgal and may the year ahead keep well supplied and with everything to smile about. :)
and myeah... gone but not forgotten... :) Happy birthday where ever you are.

So the air travelers passport requirement kicks in today.
All kinds of talk about the damage to one another's economy and tourism and blah blah blah blah. Fine.
I see that it's a giant pain in the ass and ... it's going to screw over some peoples sources of income.
So did the invention of the catelitic (sp?) converter.
But things change and shit happens. Five years from now... it's gonna be old news.
I think it's nothing short of "about damn time" that there was a solid requirement to have a passport.
Now Canada needs to get it together and make the same darn rule.

Personally, I get the impression that the United States of Paranoid has lost it's way with respect to national security.
It's like they're making new enemies specifically so they can keep them out.

Take the Maher Arar case... I totally understand the US wanting to keep him on the NO FLY list.... why?
Who hates the US more than this guy?

Quick history of the case:
Bad info between Canadian RCMP and the FBI results in this guy getting RENDERED to Syria and tortured for six months.
Problem: He was canadian and the info was erroneous. The RCMP had no idea he would shipped off to HELL.
Now he's back... he's won some of his court challenges and things are getting sorted out.
And when we asked the US if - now that they had the new and better information - if they'd drop him off the NO FLY list, the answer was no.
My thinking is that ... hell yeah, if anybody hates the US more than this guy... then I'd like to meet him.

Oh oh oh ... and how about the Canadian guy that is a dual citizen with Afghanistan... and in his youth he actually fought along side US Troops in Afghanistan when those two countries were aligned together to fight the Red Menace. After those battles, he immigrates to Canada. Now? He works - or worked - for Bell Helicopter but because he holds a dual citizenship passport with Afghanistan he has to be laid off or Bell 'Copter can forget their US Military contracts. Another happy customer.

Really a side bar comment... almost nothing to do with the show...
But ... I really dig the "lead women" on BBC tv. They seem so much more like normal - attractive - human women, versus the plastic clones that squeeze out of the Hollywood womb without hips and odd shaped tits.
... and Gwen... is all about adorable.

I mean... I dig hot looking women, fine.
It's nice to catch 'em in a pose wearing the right clothes and doing their "aint I just one fine piece" thing...
But thinking a woman is hot-chick... is a far cry from actually wanting to know anything else about her.
Wanting to be "Hot" is a vacuous thing... and like a brilliant flame... short lived.
I would think there's a lot more to wanting to be attractive, adorable, lovable, ... and actually desired.

Ok... time to go eat some Thai. :)

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