Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 22

Yawwwwwwwwn. Ah Mondays can just blow... Up and wandering around in a daze trying to keep my brain focused on the work week... instead of the myriad little things that make up a weekend. Kids... dressing... ironing a shirt... making sure everybody eats something... packing up and out the door... driving away... driving back to get my cell phone... :D

It's beautiful outside today... a bit cold but there's sun and snow and ... January all over the place.

The boys and I packed in the last "double episode" of Season one (2005) of the new Dr. Who last night and boy were they fun.
The boys are sooo pensive about this show... they talk about it endlessly, and come to me with questions - the sort that have no answers... like the deep stuff filled with Why? or the "show continuity" things that start with "How come..."
Like this morning...

"Dad... one thing about the game-station... (Satellite Five and the game shows). If the zappers were only transporting the contestants and not really disintegrating them, why did the Anne-Droid on that Weakest Link show... why did she destroy the Darleks when she shot at them?"


~ all businessy and stuff...
~ er... business. :)
~ drop off kids...
~ zoom downtown...
~ setup shop in the company downtown office and arrange to go to the client offices...
~ tonight? Besides the 2005 Dr. Who Christmas special? Besides watching Heroes? Besides watching some torchwood? PAINTING ... or hoping to get to a little painting. :)
~ the star bucks on the corner would hurry up and re-open after their reno.
~ that celtic_bairn gets to feeling a whole lot better...
~ to send some good vibes out to lynspin... just 'cuz...

do sports fans have any clue how often they say LOVE and HATE when they talk about the league teams?
Really? You Love them? you actually LOVE them??? I can dig that you Love football... but love that team? What's that all about? Or what about all that Hating? Are your kids in the room with you while you're droning on about why and how much you HATE the so-and-so's? Personally... I think it's dorky. We say "love" for all the wrong reasons these days and we say "Hate" wwwwway too often.
Yes, yes... I know... picky and peckish.
The world is filled with people in Love / Hate relationships with their fav sports teams.
I don't expect that to change. Nor do I think it needs to change...
I just think it's dorky and a poor use of the word Hate. Through the Love word around all you like... but hate ... is bad training for your little ones.
Let's save Hate for dick-tators and the company you used to work for...

Somethings gotta give.
It's true in all things...
If you wait long enough.
If you actually participate in the process...
It's the waiting for someone else to "give" that is the problem.
That's a "give" you can't control.
If something really has to give... better to do it yourself.
That way... you can control how much and what sort.

Time to fly. :)
See ya.

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