Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

more yawning...

Long day so far...

Went to Home Despot! and bought sanded grout to re-grout the fireplace tiles... batteries for Georges PokiDeck (if that doesn't make sense... totally forget it! hahaha) and went to my sis-in-laws to set up her internet stuff... my bro-in-law and I decided to pay to fix up her pc, and buy her a one year sub to an ISP so her kids can get the same leg-up their friends have ... intenet access and kids learning tools on a PC. She's recently (well almost a year ago now) separated from a complete moron that up and abandoned her and two kids... Gotta help the blood right!

Then Harvey's for kids combo lunches (fast food but way way yummi kids meals) and home... Put all the screens back in the windows (sure sign of spring!) and did a wee bit of yard work.

I had a cute dream that included the always amazing Kristy - tame stuff ... actually quite simple and nice... she was just wherever it was I was in the dream and it was nice to have her close at hand. She is an amazing support system!

Any ways... I'mma all tuckered out and it's time to start making dinner.

Later Lj... later for sure...

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