Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Sunday, January 21

Well... yesterday was some kind o'busy day. :)
But there was cake... so it's all good.
Up early and off to the ski hill with the boys...

It was flipping cold... with the wind, if was like minus 35 in the early day and ... oh boy... it warmed all the way up to minus 20 by lunch.
We dressed for it. :) I had a run, and checked the lodge... because my "spidey senses were tingling" and low and behold... there was Ed. He was too cold. He was... and it's cool. But ... he always begs off on his lessons. Any hoooo... I warmed him up and then I took him skiing for the rest of the morning. We took Geo up the chair on his snowboard - first time... lessons have only been on the bunny hill so far. He had a rough go of getting down the bigger hill but despite his constant carping... he was all about wanting to go again when we made it to the bottom. (as I suspected would be the case). There is something about the Learning-on-the-fly that gets your groove on. :D

From the ski hill... it was home and then sorting Geo off to a birthday party... and home for me to finish decorating a cake.
We went to my MIL's for the evening to have a Happy Birthday moment for Ed and a SIL... (hence the cake).
Home to play with the boys, new lego, and mud... lots more mud. sigh. It's almost done.

Today is all about being a perfect day for skiing... no wind, loads of sun and ... not so bitching cold. But such is life... it's not in the cards for us today.

~ crappy jeans... warm hoodie.
~ lazy morning...with an epi of DrWho and cheesy-melts with spicy salamy
~ afternoon with some sanding in the basement... and (after a small patch job)... ready to paint. (or, ready enough!)
~ a road trip to costco at some point... time for another giant bag of Bucks French Roast bean.
~ to send several "so nice to see ya" vibes out to lakme... (beams)
~ and to lament the long and sad absense of little mz Galaxy... Katie, that is...

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday vinnie58!! I hope the year ahead is prosperous vince... and that you are dogged by happiness and good health throughout! :)

War is hell.
We went to the new Canadian National War Museum a while ago.
The message made itself loud and clear.

Did you say cake?
Four layers of white cake...
Mr. Christie's chocolate waffers and white icing in between each layer...
and this trippy white choco fudge icing poured over the whole deal.
There's a few marshmellows melted into the icing to make it ... "drape"
It was delicious.

Ed... ever the art nut...
drew a little card for me... ages ago.
I found it when I was sorting my "paper piles". :D


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