Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


oh man, I am sooo tired... why oh why do I stay up so late? maybe tonight I will get to sleep at a good time? hahahaha... ok, wait... let me get a kleenex and wipe my eyes. .. .. ok, there... so what was I saying? oh. ahhaha. no, really I gotta go to sleep at night ... at least on school nights... yes I know they're work nights but it just feels good to call 'em school nights.

~ sweat pants, big sox, first T I could see in the cubby...
~ to take a nice hot shower and shave... yes I shave on Saturdays...
~ to go to Home Depot and buy some stuff to fix the tiles in front of our fireplace...
~ for a good news report from Blossom (kristy)!
~ that I was still asleep somewhere..
~ that my special bud laini had comfortable sleeps
~ I could go rock climbing with Z... need babysitting....
~ and last but not least (sheesh) for today is that somehow my pal lisa (ladyfire) manages to be good in all the rough spots while she works out how to make the world a whole bunch smaller!

ok... gotta go... shower time.
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