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Wednesday, January 17

Minus whatever and "it feels like minus 35".
Translation: They pay meteorologists too much. It's minus 35 and that is fricking cold.

But brrrrrr gives way to ahhhhh as the car warms up.

Today is all about being busy like mad for the new gig and I'm going to be captain fly boy as I spend the next three months squeezing hours out of minutes and finding minutes to sleep. Last night was a total waste. I made a fab-you-lo dinner of rainbow trout for the super family... and packed an episode of Dr. Who into the pre-dinner zone. But after dinner... after clean up... after kids play... kids reading and bed time... Z and I made it to the sofa to watch a tv show and I watched... 5 minutes of it, then zonked out... (ps. I chugged a mug of coffee in that five minutes!!!) and stayed out-like-a-dead-person till 2:24 AM. From there it was straight to bed. The point being that I totally missed any chance to work on the basement. GRRRRRR!!! and I bought some new sanding gizmos yesterday too!!! :)

~ all businessy... :)
~ up stupid early... and off to an early meeting downtown.
~ performance review meeting... where they'll tell me I'm wonderful, and then not give me a raise. (oh look, a crystal ball)
~ try to get together with a client for a meeting...
~ teleconference from 2:30 to 4:30... (teleconferences kill me... when I'm not at my office for them... stiff and snoozy)
~ to point out that I am in awe of kitiara... never ending awe.
~ that yumikid feels better soon... and doesn't mind being called... a spaz.
~ and that aunticrist manages to, you know... get some rest.

Birthday moments...
A very happy birthday wish out to Amy... (arlyn) It's been a long journey from when I met you to this birthday... and this last year seems to have brought so many little threads of hope together for you that ... well, it's a great year to celebrate. Have a wonderful birthday sugar and may the year ahead keep you warm and comfy in the caring hands of the life you have made for yourself.
Happy birthday sugar-tex... txgirlie. It's great to have seen a new pic of you and your wee family... I hope you're feeling well adjusted to the new you and that this is a wonderful year for you. There is ... there has always been... something special about you and I just wanted to remind you that I think lovely thoughts for you all the time. Have a great day sugar.

If you size your semagic client and your firefox browser properly to fit into the MS Outlook display panel for messages... leaving your mail and folder panels visible on the left... you somewhat conceal the reality of what your doing on your laptop... at least from casually prying eyes.

[ fair warning... generalizations follow...]
In Praise of the Average Girl.
In high school...
They had a system for End Of Year Exams.
If you had a grade of certain value or above...
You were exempted from writing a final exam in that course.
Many of the brainiacs in HS actually made it all the way through HS without ever having to write a final.
These same people ended up in University ... where there were no exemptions.
And the cold hand of reality slapped their aren't-I-perfect little asses.
Meanwhile... the solid C average students (your's truly, for example) had to write all their exams... all the time.
And I never had a problem with exams in college or university.

I find a life lesson in that story.
For fun... lets apply it to the notion of the attractive girl.

If she never has to work at it...
She has no appreciation of what it is.
She may be swimming in natural beauty and worthy of worship...
But she could be a useless tool of a girl if ever there was one.
Compliments are met with a look of entitlement.
And appreciating her... is hardly worth the effort.
You can't love her... only she can do that.

On the other hand...
An average girl... average looks, build, etc...
Has to apply herself.
And when you appreciate her ... she is rewarded, and rewarding.
When you compliment her... she appreciates it.
And you can love her.
Of course, this makes her more than beautiful...
and worthy of a whole other kind of worship.


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