Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless


~ Fergie mentions "Stacy" in her disco-rip-off hit "fergalicious".
Who the hell is Stacy? I read something about this and ... um...
was it something about a new york society girl? Somebody must know...

~ We contracted to build our house in Oct 2005. It was paid for
in August 2006. Somewhere in June the government changed a
tax law. Nobody knew squat about this... in fact... the builders
and several others told us "nu-uh... this doesn't apply to you."
So I spent $150 on a tax accountant to sort it out. We got the
rebate check - with interest - from Revenue Canada today...
That was the best $150 I've ever spent. (does a little dance).

~ The Dr. Who preview for Season 3 shows a woman who appears
to be the new "plus one" - replacing Rose. And that new chick is the
black woman from the season finale who was first killed by the
cybermen... WTF? That's not fair and - unless they go into some cool
explanation - it adds unnecessary confusion!! :D Gah, we're sooo
loving this show.

~ I was embarassed watching Paula Abdul swivel and be drunk on that
morning talk show... (youtube cut of it). She's a bit of a flake that one.

~ For the first time ever... EVAH!!! I heard Madonna talking and I
was left with the impression that she was being very clear headed
and intelligent. It was a clip of her comments regarding the stupid
Rosie versus The Donald thing. Go Madge go.

~ I've cleaned three bathrooms... vacuumed the house... made
an awesome dinner (thawed out a chicken and roasted that bad
boy all afternoon), worked for "the man" all day... and now ? I'm
heading down to the basement to finish up some more mud and
maybe even a little sanding. (last night was sanding mania night... )
I've put over 30 kilo's of drywall mud on those walls... wicked.

Lost, Battlestar Galactica, Heroes, Jon Stewart, Dr. Who, 24, Survivor, Amazing Race...
Desperate House Hoes, Medium, Grays Anatomy.


c-ya. :)
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