Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, January 8

Snow? Oh sure... snow all night and then rain all morning.

That reminds me... I want to check my Farmers Almanac to see how well they predicted this weather.
Billions and billions spent on weather services and equipment ... and nobody had a clue about this before it happened.

We were up at the crack... and everybody did their thing to get us all out on time. The boys were to school and I was on the road in excellent Monday Morning Time.
(yeah for mornings that don't include stress... :D)

~ mr fancy...
~ er... dk green trousers
~ white shirt, teddy bear tie...
~ you know... fancy. :)
~ showing up at the downtown offices, seeing a few sales people, bosses, and team mates...
~ home despot on the way home... stocking up on painting supplies.
~ more mud tonight!! :)
~ for some sweet relief to find it's way to reens
~ that debby would send that fairy over my way... if she shows up at your place. :)

At some point last night... trowel in hand... I was all about the "I rock" vibe.
It's taking forever but the basement project "mondo" is coming along just fine.
It is deeply entwined in a strong personal sense of accomplishment...
... and lots and lots of dreams about big screen tv's and comfy sofas. :)

You know... it's too bad that "Excuse me, could you bend over a bit
and let me squeeze your bum for a moment." wasn't a socially
acceptable way to deal with the random masses. Speaking, you know,
just from my point of view, I know that it would make for much more
enjoyable excursions into the big city.

K... time to go. :)
Have a brilliant ... have a lovely day!!

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