Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Thursday, January 4

Hi. :)
Late to bed... early to rise... and while the sun was shining... I was more on the mindless undead side of things. :)

It's another gray "slash" sunshiny day... warm... and it's JANUARY!!!!! Where are we?

~ starts in work-stuff...
~ ends in jeans. :)
~ work downtown in the morning... printing and talking. :)
~ work from home in the afternoon... filling out more of my "performance appraisal"... oh the joy!
~ tonight? home depot to pick carpeting... dinner at ... dunno... maybe swish chalet. :)
~ I was on a contract.
~ that harleydog gets her wish for a little winter... ANYTIME SOON OK!!
~ I could see the places myclevername been posting pictures of!! (wow Brazil!)

Birthday moment...
Happy birthday krzy :D I hope you and Kel have a wonderful year ahead and that good health dogs your every step. :)

Often it is the overheard complaint that we are a society without shame.
Girls (and boys) dress shamelessly.
Families behave shamelessly in public, let alone at home... language, sexuality, violence.
There was a time when "shame" was the big thing.
People just "did not dooooo that" (this or that or whatever) because they would feel shame from the huddled and not-so-huddled masses.
So I wonder... is this good or is this bad.
We can talk about the social "pendulum" swinging this way or that... but I think that's a load.
"The pendulum has swung the other way." is just a cheap way of saying "oh uh...".

I think the less shame we have ...
Women can talk about birth control.
Children can question authority.
Cops are not infallible gods.
Doctors have to be careful.
And I feel no shame in telling my dental surgeon he's off his nut if he thinks I'm gonna shell out $3000 to let him graft bone in my jaw for an implant that no one can see when a bridge would be just fine.

We have lost nothing.
We are only just beginning to understand how to co-exist with one another free from the shackles of social shame and all the silence it breeds.

Little known something:
Thomas Edison did not invent the incandescent bulb.
He only patented it.
It was invented by a pair of Canadians (Torontonians) who sold the idea for $3000 to Edison.
Pretty groovy.


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