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December 31, 2006

Farewell 2006

~ jeans and a t!
~ more drywall...
~ screwing around in the kitchen...
~ playing with kids
~ convincing the family that going out to dinner with my family is more fun than watching me cook.
~ To send a big thank you... a drenched-with-love thank you to my Nola... teaser for the lovely christmas prezzies. Your parcel of love arrived and ... we all had something wonderful to smile about. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy late birthday Shann... (shannihilation) I hope you enjoyed yesterday... let alone the night before. May the year ahead treat you with kindness. :)
And dear rini... I hope your's was also a lovely birthday yesterday. Of course, I'm predicting big things for you this year... :D May you walk with good fortune at your side.

And today... Happy birthday aunticrist. (I hope you're feeling loads better by now!!) I hope you find all kinds of time to exercise creativity this year. :)
Happy birthday bulvai. Have a wonderful day and let it usher in a year of great happiness for you and your family.
Er... ok, so you and the ex had the same birthday ? Really? geez... well, here goes...
Happy birthday dearest danicia. May your success bring you great happiness and afford you the time to enjoy all the little things....
and Happy birthday fragbert! May this next be a year that paints your world in the colours of happiness and good fortune. :)

So they hung him? They kill people in Texas all the time. It's no biggie, and not surprising ...
I'm not in favour of the death penalty... as a general rule, but I tend to think the rule applies to human beings. The Butcher of Baghdad was no human being. He was dirty, disgusting dog and I'm surprised they didn't have someone whipping him like a dog as the floor fell away.
Rest in pieces pig.

So much was created in my world in 2006 that I could not possibly review it and do it any justice.
Suffice it to say that life has a habit of moving on despite all efforts to hold things still.
Thank you, 2006, for seeing my family safely through the months and for all the time we were able to spend together.
And thank you for continuing to let me explore love in all it's colours... and build friendships ... everywhere.
I'll do my best to take care of my family and keep on loving through this next year.

2007 will be a year of change.

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