Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

twas the night before...

nuzzled together on the sofa...
George elected to read "Twas the night before christmas" this year.
Then... all four of us took turns reading a page of Santa Calls (William Joyce)... the best christmas book ever!
... and from there, to laying out the cookies...
and two boys tucked away.

At my in-laws tonight,
celebrating christmas with a big ham dinner,
there was a random tacky gift exchange with much humour...
and a gift giving thing for the children.
I sleepily watched, sipping my coffee, as DVDs, gift cards, and the like...
were unwrapped with endless torrents of "thank you thank you" everywhere.
When it was done, and I slipped into the kitchen for a coffee refill...
I turned to find Edward waiting for me so he could quietly explain...
that he thought I looked sad because I wasn't a kid
and therefore hadn't had a gift to unwrap.
So he gave me a remarkably long hug,
An uncharacteristic kiss on the cheek,
and he told me he wanted me to have the shopper center gift card he had received.
I demurred, pronounced my endless love for him and told him we would go and shop for a lovely treat sometime with that card.

These are the moments ...
that cannot be undone by time or circumstance,
etched by diamonds across my heart.

~ now it's time for making turkey stuffing and a few last minute wrappings. :)
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