Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

somewhere.... over the rainbow

Woke up with this song in my head... been whistling it under my breath all morning....

It is - and really, I'm sorry if the weather sux where you are !! - truly a beautiful day here in Ottawa... 16 degrees (Celsius you goober!) and sun sun sunny...

go ahead... just for a sec... and sing the first line quietly... see what happens... ... ... ... no really, do it... .... ... there! isn't that great! LOL .

~ well it's Friday! denim city... well, I got the black b.u.m. equip boxers keeping ol'smoothy all snug, but other than that... it's blue jeans and the company logo denim shirt. (no stetson... sorry I look like a toad in a cowboy hat!)
~ to finish the S2 update!
~ get to meet with nextproblem("emily'O" - love that name) for coffee at the end of day
~ give a presentation at work on PEM and POM total geeked out stuff that they pay me for...
~ I could sit with the dds* gnome girl and sing her little lullaby till she slept with peace all over her... then maybe just hold her hand while she slept... or get some make up and paint pictures on her... one or the other... can't decide.
~ that Z didn't just start her regular meeting Auntie Flo ... cause... well... two words... "wintergreen altoids" (finally found 'em) haha.
~ have you gone to visit jeninaustin yet? I'm hoping to inspire some new friends out there... oh and maya12... (who, btw, looks hot in that fleshy head shot ...hehe yum - sorry if that's to forward, but what the heck :D)

*dds : drop dead sexxy... dear lord save me from myself but some peeps just wind me up and set me to a spinn'en.

K, nuf said. gotta work for a bit... but just a bit.. it's Friday after all.

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