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ahhhh... a great day wrapping up.

Edward, being a three year old, gets into things... as in: he was really into "witches hats" a while ago... now it's "volcanoes", 'cept he calls them "Ballcanoes" and it sounds almost as cute as when he calls George (his five year old bro) "Dorge".

Oh, and the other day... he's walking through the kitchen and Z hears }}whack{{ and looks... Edward starts saying "owe!" "Owe owe owe!!! Owwwiiii"
Z: "what? honey... what'd ya bump?" ...
Ed: "I banged my Elmo."

Ok, you had to be there.. but he's just so frigging cute.

Not bad for a little creature that is always raising his hand up in this claw like thing, stretching his face out and growling... usually all of this takes place seconds before George begins screaming in pain...

lisa (ten) ... If I haven't said so lately... you totally kick ass with the graphics work you let us see... from the groove'en composites with the architectures, the peep enhanced images and the generic web-layout... I like the bondo site look...

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