Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Monday, December 18

Bedhead much? Kids wont let me out of the car when I drop 'em off, if I look like this. :)

It's all kinds of beautiful outside. No snow... and December 18th... but still... it's lovely green lawns and brilliant blue sky with a flotilla of white pillows pushing one another around. It's cold... but in comparison to what? Definitely cold as compared to the inside of my bed sheets and big quilt... but compared to last year on December 18? Yeah, this is fricking Cancun baby.

~ blue ftls
~ dk green trousers
~ black t and ... later, the blazzzzer. :)
~ morning of work on a company web site, and cleaning up new IP
~ after-lunch meeting at the downtown office...
~ home depot to return or exchange the new, awesome, but slightly-not-right ryobi drill
~ few quick groceries
~ pork roast for dinner
~ make more kifli dough tonight...
~ for my little debby ... gets to sleep in...
~ that shannihilation has better dreams!
~ to point out that bondas ... is quite the hip 'ster. :)
~ and that mousieo finds a really good way to warm up!

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to capt'n quiet... rozsdan... May the year ahead keep you safe and wealthy... I'll leave healthy up to you. :)

When Sandra B got the female news anchor on Aljezera English to introduce herself as Peppermint Gomez... I almost shot coffee out of my nose.

New legislation, introduced in parliament, would establish a national mailing list to ensure all men and women receive an official notice prior to their fortieth birthday, informing them of the emotionally disturbing and mentally destabilizing outcome from engaging in naked teeth brushing after forty.

busy downloading torrents for desperate housewives and - d'uh - the Survivor reunion show.
and busier still... trying to get all kinds of crap done for work... because I'm toasting the office as of Wednesday and dedicating myself to self-indulgence and hedonism!! :)

See ya.

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