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Survivor XIII Update!!

Survivor XIII: Race Wars

The Pavarti Show

Where in... little miss cup cake-gets to "eat it too". It’s all about Jeff convincing the producers to let him write the script again... "Let’s see, can we get Parviti to slather herself in mud? What about a hot tub? Moaning through a massage would be good...

Survivor 13... in 13 seconds...
(aka "The show in as few words as possible")
Adam, ever so dislike-able, slips the knife into Parviti in his Yul-time conversation. Reward is a mud bath of a trip with everyone trying to get mud from here to there. Win and you get to take two friends on the now cliché "spa excursion". Ozzy wins, takes Parvity and brings Yul as a chaperone. Adam, goes to exile. From "slathered in mud" to
"naked in a hot tub", Parviti continues to do what "she does best". Sundra and Becky get pissy back at camp lonely and start gunning for Ozzi, but Immunity clears that up with Ozzy winning the "balance bean, carry and put-together-puzzle" game, and Becky taking a wicked wicked wipe out! (that’ll learn ya!) It’s all about King Yul knowing Parviti has more support on the jury than Adam, so they take her to tribal and kick her to the curb. Oh yeah, and Jeff makes a big dorky deal out of Yul bringing Jon his hat. Jon asked for it... they brought it... enough with the drama please. Sheesh.

Fav Quotes
During the mud bath;
Jeff: "It’s like watching Performance Art."
Me: "it’s like watching porn."

Sundra, when Parviti crashes after the spa-trip: "she’s sleeping. She had a hard day at the spa." (hahahaha)

Most Memorable Moment
Parviti... slathering on the mud.

The winner...
It’s still all about Yul being the puppet master with a little "Ozzi is a god" thrown in for good measure. Will Ozzi popularity win over the jury or will Yul’s complete mastery of the game win it? We’ll find out on Sunday night!!

Skull Time
(aka "Tribal Council")
Jeff and the hat. I don’t get that it needed to be such a big honking deal. But whatever. The game is all about making mountains out of mole hills.

Two Things...
~ Adam... is a total git. Just say’en...
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