Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

5:18 and i'm done.

making burgers for dinner... and making kifli dough with Geo, the mucking about in the basement.

I am in such a good fricking mood right now, it's prol'y illegal in several countries.
I think we're focusing on a little star wars (not so little!) for the Ed wow factor... er I mean, the Lord Vader wow factor. :)

Booking the kids into ski lessons (ski for Ed and Board for Geo - although he doesn't know it yet... that's part of his xmas prezzi...:D) for five weekends starting Jan 6, and then I'm hoping we'll be taking a ski trip somewhere... perhaps gray rocks again.

I'm getting that christmas vibe... I can feel it way down deep inside.
Just a small smile that seems to be waiting to fill in all the blanks between the things my face has to do. :)

I hope yer having a good one. :)

ps. was just responding to a "what's yer fav song" question... I came up with,

fav obscure: Oxygen by Jean-Michel Jarre
fav contemporary: Across the Universe (beatles) performed by Fiona Apple (soundtrack to Pleasantville)

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