Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
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Sunday, December 10

We had a busy day yesterday... me painting, boys playing, ... but it all started with a trip to "cosmic adventures" for the annual company "Kids Christmas Party". So a whole butt load of people I don't know... chasing their kids around... half wearing plastic smiles and the other half wondering if they're having fun. I guess I'm almost jealous of the plastic smile crew... they just cruise along ... content to be kinda sheep like. Baaaaaa! Oddly enough... I bought lamb yesterday. However... we had lots of fun and then we went christmas shopping... then home again.

Ok ... from there, it was off again to take Ed to a friends house, and Geo to look for new winter boots. Didn't find any, but we did pick up all our skies (waxed and sharpened for the season). I checked out a snowboard, boots and bindings deal for Geo's big xmas prezzi... and still managed to get to some groceries, get Ed back from his friends, and home again to make tacos for dinner. This was quickly followed by a zoom zoom (love LOVE the snow tires) to the Airport to pick up a close family friend... kinda like an older nephew, bring him home, feed him and sit down to watch the Pirates of the Carib II movie. Long... not bad. :D Creeepy city... but not bad. :)

Somewhere in there, I painted a door... :)

~ old stuff! (painting clothes)
~ well I was planning on being busy first thing in the morning... but sleeping in till almost 11 kinda put the squeeze on that.
~ watch xmen II with the boys ... finally catching them up ... so (weeeee!) we can watch XIII next weekend. ;)
~ painting door number two...
~ spending the lions share of the day buried in a bunch of documents I'm supposed to know by tomorrow morning. Fricking work is sucking my brain!
~ making Lamb for dinner... there was a killer sale on these little fresh lamb chops ... baaaaaaaa. :D
~ AR tonight? I think it ends tonight... finally.
~ I could go back in time and work out a new way for today to go down... I'm sorry J.
~ there was time to go outside and play...
~ that allyn is careful on that commute... wouldn't want to strain yourself there... :D (lucky duck)
~ for psychomagnet to ... um... well, be careful with that thing!! :)

Birthday moments... from yesterday!
Happy Birthday dearest fallingforward!! May this next year bring you ... ever closer to S, continued joy from pen and ink, and every opportunity to continue being the insightful, intelligent and simply magnificent woman that you are. (can you tell I'm a fan?) Happy Birthday... and you'll always be Katie to me. :)

So I was standing in line at Future Shop to complain about a "limit of one per customer" thing on the flash drive rebates (they demurred and just gave me the cash refund!! :D) and I noticed this seriously well behaved little boy waiting patiently off to the side... Then I noticed the man who was just (finally - long line) being served glance over at the boy. I asked him "is he yours?" and he said "yes..." "he's a very patient young man" I say... and he smiles and says "Yeah, he's a good lad." I thought for a second and then continued "Children are a reflection of their parents."
A little while later... when I was being served... he walked past with his son and stopped to thank me for the compliment. I could just tell I had kinda made his day.

Flash forward to last night. I zoooooom to the airport and had to make that split decision... do I park? or drive up the "arrivals" lane... where there are no meters and lots of cops and you gotta just stay there hoping who ever you're there to pick up finds you. I elected to park. I found my friend very quickly... so we head back to the car... and drive out. At the ticket booth... where you pay, practically by the second, btw, to park there... the guy looked at my ticket... saw it was for a very short amount of time... and just waved me through. No charge.

This is called Karma.

Never underestimate Karma. :)

I like this [ :: LJ Page :: ] that just lists out all your recent comments, from where ever, and lets you reply etc...

Have a grand day! :) see ya.

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