Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Wednesday, December 6


Woke up with a sole crushing headache at... like 5:00 am.
Took some advil... and at 7:30, when I should have been
up with the boys... I was praying for death and wishing I
did not have to get up!
It's noon'ish now... and ... it's a bit better... so now I only
sorta wish I was dead.

We finished off this season of Weeds last night. Holy drama!
Mostly, though, last night was characterized by my realization
that I had to move... (oh the irony) one of the new doors I
installed, over two inches. Long story, has to do with making
door trim look right. Sigh.

~ blue ftls
~ blue jeans
~ black t and a warm sweatshirt. :)
~ nurse my sore fricking head...
~ try to get through my goals today with the boss...
~ did I mention "nursing my head"? I wanna go to bed... gah!
~ to send big congratulations out to willedit!!!
~ for nbbbmon to feel loads better... at least by Sunday night!
~ and that nutmeg... has a great book to read!

There are pheasants in my back yard.
I was watching them walk around in the snow...
And I realized...
Pheasants are pretty much just chickens
That had their feathers done by
Renaldo, at the Spa.

must go and take more advil...

not a bang on happy day in the land of me.
but ... like most crummy things... this will pass.


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