Mostly harmless (corto) wrote,
Mostly harmless

Tuesday, December 5

Again with the gorgeous day? They say snow tonight... but whatever.
We were up and driving clear across town this morning to get to the children's hospital... for appointments... not emerg's. :)
Home again by 1:00...

Watched Heroes last night. :) I'm resisting letting the lack of progress get to me... there was some cool stuff in that episode. The exploding human thing... that's nasty... Did that guy... "mr. radioactive" (taken away by homeland security) ... did he die in the explosion out front of the police station? Or did he escape?

~ wwwway too much hair.
~ up and morning routine to get Ed to school, then z and I headed to CHEO with Geo to see a gastro specialist and an ortho specialist. We've been waiting (health care, canadian style) for these appointments for a while... Checking out a problem with ankles that tip in (and no, an insert in his shoe wont fix it) and a problem with digestion. All stuff that is well in hand... just part of the process... :D)
~ this aft? Working on "stuff" for the BM (boss man, but ... "bm" sounds kinda fun too) ar ar ar...
~ and tonight... more "door trimming" and maybe painting.
~ that Cathy... (canuckgirl) enjoys the new drive tomorrow... maybe you can put a pair of 100$ fuzzy dice in there somewhere... :)
~ to thank krizsa for the link... [ :: come and cry along with some kids at the sight of manta!! :D :: ]
~ for dear and falling fast, dotcombabe to find her way back to good health from this nasty nasty flu!!!
~ to congratulate petermarcus and his main squeeze on the arrival of their little baby girl. :)
~ and to shake my head at ectv who, it seems, is refusing to give birth!!! k'mon sugar-shan... time to squeeeeeeeze... :)

Great link from a friend out west...
[ :: Saudi police... lett'en 'em burn because the little girls didn't have their black robes on :: ]
Fire at a children's school... little girls didn't have their head scarves and abayas... so the POLICE wouldn't let them leave the burning building. Yes, you read that right. BBC World Press story)
This... THIS is why we're (the US and assorted allies) not going to effect any real change in the Middle East.
There is a completely different value system in place over there and ... it's not going to change just because we blow shit up and kill people.

DOES ANYONE use that "Sling Blade" thing... for sharing / serving your TV Signal with you computer?
My dad wants to watch TV on his laptop. LAPTOP, so a new tv-tuner video card is out... but I was thinking Sling Blade.

Time to go. :)

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