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Monday, December 4

OMG!!! It's so unbelievably nice out... and I'm sitting here... typing!!! click'etti clicking away on ten different things and wishing any one of them would just end-already... so I could go outside and make like I was celebrating something! I mean, it's cold as heck and icy... but ... sunshine... moments of blue sky! gah!!!

This whole "work" thing is so overrated!


~ a contented smile
~ figuring out why our team "public facing web site" isn't up!
~ working on another set of presentations...
~ basking in the glory of hearing that last weeks presentation material was well received in suit land...
~ going to a company meeting from 4 - 7... which eats into my day in a most unpleasant way.
~ tonight... one word... "heroes". !! :)
~ to share a smile with my genius friend, nbbmom...
~ that heatherbell manages to stay free from errant black sox!
~ for whataboutjen and family to find the path between the rain drops...
~ and a little good luck to honuhoney... you know... on warming up. :)

Birthday moments...
Happy birthday to captain commando... er... robont. May your family bring you endless joy... and the future keep you and your family in healthy, happy and safe hands.
A very happy birthday to gigglecam... I hope you have a wonderful day Chris... and that the year ahead continues to bring you opportunity to share your art, and that it brings you much happiness. :)
And ... a quiet little happy birthday ... and many hugs and many wishes for many many more birthdays... out to my dad.
Families, that stay together, support one another, argue yet never stop being able to be together... are families that have learned how to love each other. And I know I am a fortunate son...

Stephan Dion (newly minted leader of the Liberal Party of Canada)... looks exactly how I figure Gilles Duceppe (leader of the Bloc Quebecois Party) would look if her were made out of LEGO.
Now, if Harper would just stop colouring his gray hair... they'd all look the same...

Little boxes on the hillside, Little boxes made of tickytacky
Little boxes on the hillside, little boxes all the same.

When your eyes open again,
When your rest is over...
and you feel yourself coming back to yourself,
and savor the moment.
Rest... is a privilege, and it has no place in so many lives.
So many ...
are so busy...
with so much.
Yet here we are...
Just coming back to ourselves.

Gotta git. :) Have a great day!! :)

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